New “1632” series novel, “1637: The Transylvanian Decision”, announced for November release

1637: The Transylvanian Decision, a new novel in Eric Flint’s landmark alternate universe historical adventure series, “Ring of Fire” is due for release in November, continuing the Eastern European storyline explored in 1637: The Polish Maelstrom.

1637: The Transylvanian Decision By Eric Flint and Robert E. Waters

The 1632 series, also known as the 1632-verse or Ring of Fire series, is an alternate history book series and sub-series created, primarily co-written, and coordinated by American author Eric Flint and published by Baen Books, but has been opened out into a “shared universe” that has seen a huge range of spin-off stories by fans.

The series is set in 17th-century Europe, in which the small fictional town of Grantville, West Virginia, in the year 2000 was sent to the past in central Germany in the year 1631, during the Thirty Years’ War.

To date, seven “spinal” novels in the series have been published, and the advice for those new to the universe is to begin by reading these, what Eric calls calls “the main line” of the series.

These are: 1632, the first book; 1633 (with David Weber); 1634: The Baltic War (with David Weber); 1635: The Eastern Front; 1636: The Saxon Uprising; 1636: The Ottoman Onslaught; and 1637: The Polish Maelstrom.

“I call this the ‘main line’ of the Ring of Fire series for two reasons,” says Eric (there’s another way to enjoy the universe, too, outlined here). “First, because it’s in these seven novels that I depict most of the major political and military developments which have a tremendous impact on the entire complex of stories. Secondly, because these ‘main line’ volumes focus on certain key characters in the series. Four of them, in particular: Mike Stearns and Rebecca Abrabanel, first and foremost, as well as Gretchen Richter and Jeff Higgins.”

In The Transylvanian Decision, up-timer Morris Roth and his Grand Army of the Sunrise stand at a crossroads. Military success against the Polish-Lithuanian magnates has all but guaranteed a continued push east into Ruthenian lands. There, Roth hopes to further his Anaconda Project so that tens of thousands of Jews are not slaughtered in what’s to become known as the Chmielnicki Pogrom of 1648.

An envoy from Transylvania arrives with a promising offer from its prince, who wishes to form an alliance with Bohemia, but the land shrouded in the fog of the Carpathian mountains and known only to most up-timers as the playground of Count Dracula is a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire. Such an alliance would surely draw the ire of Sultan Murad IV.

1637: The Polish Maelstrom

The United States of Europe agrees to assist the Bohemian forces, and sends in the Silesian Guard, under the command of Brigadier Jeff Higgins. They also send in Gretchen Richter to organize and lead the political struggle.

Transylvania is thrown into political, social, and religious turmoil as battle lines are drawn. Whatever happens and whoever wins the fight, one thing is certain: the history of Eastern Europe will change radically. In fact, it already has…

Eric Flint is a modern master of alternate history fiction with three million books in print. He’s the author/creator of the multiple New York Times best-selling Ring of Fire series, starting with first novel, 1632. With David Drake, he has written six popular novels in the Belisarius alternate Roman history series, and with David Weber he has collaborated on 1633 and 1634: The Baltic War, as well as four novels in Weber’s Honorverse series. Flint was for many years a labour union activist. He lives near Chicago, Illinois.

Robert E. Waters is a science fiction and fantasy writer. Since 1994, he has worked in the computer and board gaming industry as technical writer, editor, designer, and producer. A member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, his first professional fiction publication came in 2003 with the story “The Assassin’s Retirement Party,” for Weird Tales, Issue #332. Since then, he has sold stories to Nth Degree, Nth Zine, Black Library Publishing (Games Workshop), Dark Quest Books, Padwolf Publishing, Mundania Press, Dragon Moon Press, Rogue Blades Entertainment, and the Grantville Gazette.

Between the years of 1998-2006, he also served as an assistant editor to Weird Tales, and is still a frequent contributor to Tangent Online, a short fiction review site. Robert currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with his wife, Beth, their son, Jason, and their cat, Buzz.

Pre-order 1637: The Transylvanian Decision from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link) | ISBN 978-1982192235

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