New Asterix Merchandise in the works for UK Market

Asterix and the Missing Scroll

Start Licensing have been appointed to represent Asterix for a further two years by the property’s owners, Éditions Albert-René – and there are new items of merchandise in the works for British fans of the character.

“We have some new licensees in the pipeline,” said Start Licensing’s Ian Downes, “and the recent activity around the new album has renewed interest in Asterix.”

Dogmatix by Steiff

Dogmatix by Steiff

Start and Éditions Albert-René have been working together for over five years now and recent deals for the Asterix brand have included a partnership with Steiff for a Limited Edition Dogmatix plush, Comic Art for Limited Edition screenprints and Plastic Head Distribution for apparel, mugs and cushions.

Start Licensing also work closely with Orion Books, the UK publisher of the Asterix book series with the much-acclaimed latest album, Asterix and the Missing Scroll (reviewed here) proving a well deserved success in the UK and other markets, selling four million copies in total to date.

Asterix drinks the magic potion – glou glou is French for glug glug – and is transformed.

One of Comic Art’s Asterix screenprints

“We have really enjoyed working with Editions Albert Rene on the classic and iconic Asterix property,” says Ian.

“We are delighted that our representation has been renewed. We have some new licensees in the pipeline and the recent activity around the new album has renewed interest in Asterix. It is a property that has a rich heritage , fantastic artwork and a wide fan base.”

“Start Licensing have a good understanding of Asterix and we are pleased to extend our working relationship with them again,” says Yannick Guitot from Éditions Albert-René. “We look forward to developing further high profile deals like Steiff in the future.”

Read our review of Asterix and the Missing Scroll

Check out the full range of Asterix screen prints from Comic Art – who also publish great prints inspired by DC Thomson’s The Beano, Commando, The Dandy, Topper and Victor

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