Something for the Weekend: New Snowpiercer and Stone Age Nightmares!

Mezolith - Boom! Studios Cover

Here’s this week’s list of British creator and British publisher-skewed new comics, including new comics on sale in UK newsagents. Top of your list of British creator-related buys this week is surely Mezoltih, the award-winning British graphic novel that Boom! Studios are publishing for the first time in the US.

Written by renowned performance storyteller Ben Haggarty with art by Adam Brockbank, if you didn’t get the chance to read this in The DFC or the earlier UK collection, then pick it up now.

A captivating, coming-of-age story with lush, gorgeous art, Mezolith is an absolutely beautiful tale drawn by Adam Brockbank is a storyboard and concept artist who has worked on the Captain America, Spider-Man, and Harry Potter films.

10,000 years ago, the Kansa tribe live on the eastern shores of Stone Age Britain, where danger is never far away. Each season brings new adventures, each hunt has its risks, and each grim encounter with the neighboring tribe is fraught with threat. Poika, a boy on the verge of manhood, must trust the wisdom of his elders and endure life’s rites of passage as he finds his place in the tribe.

We ran a preview of the new Boom! edition here and you can read Jeremy Briggs review of the original release here.

This week also sees the release of Dragons: Defenders of Berk Volume 1 by Simon Furman and Iwan Nazif and Snowpiercer Volume 3: Terminus from Titan Comics.

The latest chapter in the Snowpiercer saga, written by Oliver Bocquet and illustrated by Jean-Marc Rochette, continues the desperate thriller which became the inspiration for the cult motion picture starring Chris Evans (Captain America).

Hachette Ultimate Graphic Novels Collection 2016 Promo

UK Comics – Newsagents Spotlight

Commando No 4892 – Break Through!

Hachette Partworks have begun their re-release of their hugely successful part work, Marvel’s Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel series, announced with the usual TV advertising for this ongoing graphic novel range. The new part work follows their success with their  Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes range.

Hachette says this is a relaunch of The Ultimate Graphic Novels collection, first launched in 2012, giving new readers the chance to enjoy this collection from the beginning. The content of the books is the same, however they will be released in a slightly different order.

As usual, don’t forget that despite some British publishers lack of faith in full-blown cover to cover comic strip action and humour, there are still comics on sale in newsagents that still delight in bringing you such subversive delights, including The Beano, Commando (latest release intel here), Judge Dredd Megazine, Panini’s superhero titles, Titan Comics superhero titles and VIZ, with great strips also featuring in titles such as Doctor Who MagazineDoctor Who Adventures, Titan’s Doctor Who Comic (collecting their strips from the US format titles) MegaTales from the TARDISTOXIC and many others.

Plus, the wonderful Phoenix Comic is now on sale in many (but not all) Waitrose supermarkets and – at last, selected high street WH Smiths stores – and some comic shops (stockist list here) as well as available on subscription.

Hachette, whose partwork titles include Doctor Who: The Complete History and Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection, launched How To Draw The Marvel Way last month, which is available in all good newsagents.

Note that you may now have to subscribe if you want to continue buying it as Part Works are not distributed in newsagents after their first few issues.

Aces Weekly Volume 20 PromoNew Digital Comic Picks

Digital releases to look out for include David Lloyd’s fabulous Aces Weekly. Volume 20 started last week! Subscribe now, at just £1 a week, before then and Volume 19 complete begins it, with Volume 20 following on its heels – and then right on to all following volumes as they appear!  Always for just £1 per week. And don’t miss out on all the Previous Volumes, which have up to 200 pages including Extras, and in full form feature in an exclusive Week-to-Week facility, which transforms any volume’s serialized stories into continuous comic book-sized narratives.


Comics On Sale in UK Comic Shops

On Sale in all good UK comic shops from Wednesday 24th February 2015

British Publishers

2000AD/ Rebellion

2000AD Prog 1969

2000AD Prog 1969

In This Issue: Judge Dredd: Ghosts by Michael Carroll, Mark Sexton, Len O’Grady, and Annie Parkhouse; Strontium Dog: Repo Men by John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra, Simon Bowland; The Order: In the Court of the WyrmQueene by Kek-W, John Burns, Ellie De Ville; ABC Warriors: Return to Ro-Busters by Pat Mills, Clint Langley, Annie Parkhouse; and Kingdom: Beast of Eden by Dan Abnett, Richard Elson, Ellie De Ville.


Antares Trade Paperback Volume 6 - Episode 6

Antares Trade Paperback Volume 6 Episode 6
Writer, Artist and Cover Artist: LEO

As her adventure concludes, will Kim find her daughter at last? As the main body of the Antares expedition faces a catastrophic situation and seems doomed to failure,Kim’s little group is still trying to establish contact with whoever kidnapped her daughter Lynn. But the fanatic Jedediah is still there, causing dissension and creating obstacles. Only Kim’s strength of character, her determination to find her daughter, and her special bond with the alien Sven – Lynn’s father – can still save them all!

Lucky Luke Trade Paperback Volume 56: Under A Western Sky

Lucky Luke Trade Paperback Volume 56: Under A Western Sky
Writer, Artist and Cover Artist: Morris

Lucky Luke arrives in Nugget Gulch in the company of another lonesome rider, John “The Philanthropist” Smith. The town is buzzing with excitement over the coming horserace, and the considerable prize promised to the winner. Financially embarrassed, Luke signs up, counting on his exceptional mount to ensure victory. Unfortunately, Jolly Jumper is stolen just before the race! The lonesome cowboy will have to get by without his old friend back this time.


The Ark Hard Cover

The Ark Hard Cover (Mature Readers)
Writer, Artist and Cover Artist: Stephane Levallois

A nearly silent allegorical fable of man vs. nature that explores the medium’s potential in a stunning, cinematic fashion. A lone figure in a diving suit drags an enormous wooden ark through the desert, scarring the earth with its deep furrow. A plane crashes. A zeppelin prowls the azure skies, its crew seduced by caged women, while Bedouins and soldiers clash under the blazing sun. This poetic tale entrances as it pulls all these elements and characters together into a haunting yet mesmerizing canvas.

Titan Comics

Dragons Defenders Of Berk Volume One - The Endless Night

Dragons Defenders Of Berk Volume One – The Endless Night
Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Iwan Nazif

‘The Endless Night’ – A witch known as Skuld the Sorceress comes to Berk and threatens the towns-people – then plunging Berk into darkness! As the citizens of Berk panic, it’s up to Hiccup and his friends to try and stop Skuld and her minions!

Plus a bonus short story, ‘Cruel to be Kind’, as Hiccup and friends take their lives into their own hands and try to train Clumsy the Scauldron!

Snowpiercer Volume 3: Terminus

Snowpiercer Volume 3: Terminus
Writer: Oliver Bocquet
Artist: Jean-Marc Rochette

A scrap of haunting music has drawn the last train across the frozen sea. With supplies almost exhausted and the train on the brink of collapse, they have nothing to lose. As the rising temperature inside the train reaches boiling point, there may be one last chance at a future…

US Comic Publishers

Previews Publications

Previews #330 March 2016

Previews #330 March 2016

THIS MONTH’S COVER ART: New projects from Marvel Comics and DC Comics!
THIS MONTH’S THEME: Women in Comics!

Since 1988, PREVIEWS has been your ultimate source for all of the comics and merchandise to be available from your local comic book shop… revealed up to two months in advance! Hundreds of comics and graphic novels from the best comic publishers; the coolest pop-culture merchandise on Earth; plus PREVIEWS exclusive items available nowhere else! Now more than ever, PREVIEWS is here to show the tales, toys and treasures in your future! This March issue features items scheduled to ship in May 2016 and beyond.

Dark Horse Comics

Conan The Avenger #23
Death Head #6
Fight Club 2 #9 Mack Main Cover
Founding Fathers Funnies Hard Cover
Hellboy & Bprd 1953 Beyond The Fences #1 Main Cover
Itty Bitty Hellboy Search For The Were-Jaguar #4
King Conan Wolves Beyond The Border #3
Plants Vs Zombies Minicomic Pack Box
Zone Continuum Trade Paperback

DC Comics

Aquaman #49

Aquaman #49
Writer: Dan Abnett Artist: Vicente Cifuentes, John Dell Cover Artist: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund

In the aftermath of the Thule invasion, Aquaman must show the people of Atlantis that he was the target of a conspiracy and earn their trust once more. And no, it’s not going to be easy…

Art Ops #5 (Mature Readers)
Batman And Robin Eternal #21
Batman Arkham Knight Hard Cover Volume 2
Birds Of Prey Trade Paperback Volume 2
Cyborg #8
Dark Knight Iii Master Race #3
DC Comics Essentials Batman And Robin #1
Deathstroke #15
Deathstroke Trade Paperback Volume 2 Godkiller
Flash #49
Grayson #17

He Man The Eternity War #15

He Man The Eternity War #15
Writer: Dan Abnett Artist: Pop Mhan Cover Artist: Szymon Kudranski

After issue #14’s shocking conclusion, the victors of the Eternity War rise from the rubble…to rebuild the future! Who has lived? Who has died? What is the future of the Masters of the Universe saga? Find out in this rousing epilogue to the modern day He-Man epic, “The Eternity War”!

Note: This story was previously scheduled to run in issue #14.

Jacked #4

Jacked #4 (Mature Readers)
Writer: Eric Kripke Artist: John Higgins, Marc Olivent Cover Artist: Glenn Fabry

Josh Jaffee has been a superhero just long enough to make some powerful enemies-but the worst one might be his own growing addiction. Caught between vengeance-seeking drug lords and crippling withdrawal, what will Josh sacrifice to get his next fix?

Justice League #48
Justice League 3001 #9

Kill Your Boyfriend Vinamarama Deluxe Edition Hard Cover

Kill Your Boyfriend Vinamarama Deluxe Edition Hard Cover (Mature Readers)
Writer: Grant Morrison Artist: Philip Bond, D’Israeli Cover Artist: Philip Bond

Two tales by Grant Morrison are collected in hardcover for the first time. First, a bored schoolgirl joins up with a young rebel intent on tearing down middle-class England. Then, in VINAMARAMA, Ali and his witty, vivacious arranged bride, Sofia, must stop ancient Indian demons from using Britain as a battleground.

Last Gang In Town #3

Last Gang In Town #3 (Mature Readers)
Writer: Simon Oliver Artist: Rufus Dayglo, Adam Cadwell Cover Artist: Rob Davis

The Silver Jubilee is coming to London, but Ava has more than a street party and a free commemorative souvenir in her sights. Only now she and her gang of urchins and reprobates are on the radar of a local crime boss with ties to Buckingham Palace, and if there’s one thing the Queen won’t stand for, it’s dissent.

Mad Magazine #538

Martian Manhunter Trade Paperback Volume 1: The Epiphany

Martian Manhunter Trade Paperback Volume 1: The Epiphany
Writer: Rob Williams Artist: Eddy Barrows & Various Cover Artist: Eric Canete


Trust no one as the Martian Manhunter tries to stop ruthless alien terrorists from destroying our world! But to stop the Martian invasion of Earth, J’onn J’onzz must make the ultimate sacrifice. And when the Martian moon Phobos falls into Earth’s orbit, the invasion kicks into high gear! Guest-starring Superman-who demands to know what J’onn J’onnz knew about the Martians’ terrible plans for Earth. Collects the first six issues of the new series, plus the Sneak Peek story from CONVERGENCE: ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #2.

Suicide Squad Most Wanted Deadshot Katana #2
Superman #49
Superman Lois And Clark #5
Superman The Coming Of The Supermen #1
Superman Wonder Woman #26

Teen Titans #17

Teen Titans #17
Writer: Greg Pak Artist/ Cover Artist: Ian Churchill, Norm Rapmund

With their backs against the wall, the Titans are wanted across the country! Now, Tim Drake must find a way to clear the team’s name while staying one step ahead of the law. But Wonder Girl’s past is also catching up with her and it won’t wait for the Titans’ troubles to calm down.

We Are Robin #9

IDW Publishing

Back To The Future #5
Boy-1 Trade Paperback
Corto Maltese Graphic Novel Celtic Tales
Danger Girl Renegade #4

Dirk Gently A Spoon Too Short #1

Dirk Gently A Spoon Too Short #1
Writer: Arvind Ethan David Artist/Cover Artist: Ilias Kyriazis

A Spoon Too Short is Dirk Gently’s most baffling and incomprehensible case. Inspired by the tantalizing alternative title for the Dirk adventure Douglas Adams was working on prior to his death, written by Arvind Ethan David and executive produced by Max Landis, A Spoon Too Short follows the continuing adventures of the world’s weirdest detective.

Donald & Mickey Disney Comics/Stories 75th Anniversary Collection Trade Paperback
Ghostbusters International #2
GI Joe IDW Collection Hard Cover Volume 6
Haunted Horror #21
Haunted Love #1
Jem & The Holograms #12

Judge Dredd (Ongoing) #3

Judge Dredd (Ongoing) #3
Writer: Ulises Farinas, Erick Freitas Artist: Dan McDaid Cover Artist: Ulises Farinas

Mega-City Zero, Part 3! As Dredd continues to unravel the mystery of what has become of Mega-City One, he’s forced to combat a seemingly invincible monster in “The Feeding of the Trolls”!

Maxx Maxximized #28
Orphan Black Helsinki #4
Sam Keith Maxx Artist Edition Hard Cover
Skylanders Superchargers #5
Star Trek New Visions Trade Paperback Volume 3
Star Trek Ongoing #54
Street Fighter X Gi Joe #1
The Last Fall Trade Paperback
TMNT Amazing Adventures Trade Paperback Volume 1
TMNT Ongoing #55
Transformers #50
Transformers Idw Coll Phase 2 Hard Cover Volume 3
Transformers Robots In Disguise A New Mission Trade Paperback
Transformers Vs GI Joe #11
Wynonna Earp #1

Image Comics

Black Magick #5 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Chew #55 (Mature Readers)

Cry Havoc #2 Cover A

Cry Havoc #2 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Writer: Simon Spurrier (A/CA) Ryan Kelly

Gin! Fanatical terrorists! A horny Norse battle-boar! Lou’s descent into weird warfare continues in your new PIG OF THE WEEK.

Four Eyes Hearts Of Fire #2
Goddamned #3 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Image Giant Sized Artists Proof Edition Tokyo Ghost #1 & 2 (Mature Readers)
Invisible Republic #9 (Mature Readers)

Mythic #7

Mythic #7 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Writer: Phil Hester Artist/ Cover Artist: John McCrea

After being fired by Mythic, Nate experiences the chaos of Ragnarok as a helpless civilian.

Nowhere Men #8

Nowhere Men #8 (Mature Readers)
Writer: Eric Stephenson Artist: Emi Lenox, Dave Taylor Cover Artist: Dave Taylor

The survivors of the World Corp space station disaster struggle to come to grips with their respective transformations.

Octopus Pie Trade Paperback Volume 1
Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #16 (Mature Readers)
Pencil Head #2 (Mature Readers)
Plutona #4
Postal #10 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Ringside #4 (Mature Readers)
Rumble Trade Paperback Volume 2 A Woe That Is Madness (Mature Readers)
Saga #34 (Mature Readers)
Spawn #261 (Variant Covers)
Sunstone OGN Volume 4 (Mature Readers)
Valhalla Mad Trade Paperback
Wayward #14 Cover (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Wolf #6 (Mature Readers)

Marvel Comics

All New All Different Avengers #6
All New Captain America Trade Paperback Volume 1 Hydra Ascendant
All New Inhumans #4
All New Wolverine #4 Bengal 2nd Printing Var
All New X-Men #5
Amazing Spider-Man #1.3
Angela Queen Of Hel #5
Astonishing Ant-Man #4 Nakayama 2nd Printing Var
Astonishing Ant-Man #5
Captain America Sam Wilson #5 Acuna 2nd Printing Var
Daredevil #4
Deadpool #6 Koblish 2nd Printing Var
Deadpool Classic Trade Paperback Volume 15 All Rest
Drax #4
Guardians Of Galaxy And X-Men Trade Paperback Black Vortex
Guidebook Marvel Cinematic Universe Marvels Avengers

Hercules #4

Hercules #4
Writer: Dan Abnett Artist: Luke Ross Cover Artist: Jay Anacleto

• The Uprising Storm is sweeping in to destroy all remnants of the ancient world and its ways, and only HERCULES stands in its path.
• Meanwhile, Herc has been pushing his buddy Gilgamesh to get off the couch and back into the hero business. Now Gil has finally stepped up…and walked into a world of trouble.
• Hercules has got to save the world…but first, he’s got to save his old friend from a miserable death…
Rated T+

Howard The Duck Trade Paperback Volume 2 Complete Collection
Howling Commandos Of Shield #5
Kanan #11

Karnak #2

Karnak #2
Writer: Warren Ellis Artist: Gerardo Zaffino Cover Artist: David Aja

• Karnak versus a warehouse full of enemy agents! The agents don’t stand a chance.
• But the Zen Gunner can turn the air itself into a deadly weapon? Karnak’s in trouble.
Rated T+

Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Spider-Verse #4
Marvel Masterworks Champions Hard Cover Volume 1
Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #4
Patsy Walker Aka Hellcat #3
Secret Wars #9 Alex Ross 2nd Printing Variant

Siege Battleworld Trade Paperback

Siege Battleworld Trade Paperback
Writer: Kieron Gillen Artist: Filipe Andrade & Various Cover Artist: W. Scott Forbes

They can’t ever win. They can’t afford to lose. Together they stand on the Shield – the wall that stretches around Battleworld, protecting the more civilized domains from the dead lands filled with zombies, Ultrons and the Annihilation Wave. Anyone who crosses Lord Doom gets sent to the Shield, where Commander Abigail Brand and her unlikely allies – including Ms. America, the bowslinger Lady Katherine, Kang, Leah, the Endless Summers and Leonardo da Vinci – will fight to the death to keep their planet safe. And they’ll have to do exactly that, because the Shield is about to come under siege like never before. And if the Shield falls, so too will Battleworld. Plus: Abigail Brand, the X-Men and Avengers face the uncanny threat of Unit, the galactic genocidal fugitive! Collecting SIEGE (2015) #1-4 and UNCANNY X-MEN (2011) #9-10.
Rated T+

Silk #5

Spider-Man 2099 #7

Spider-Man 2099 #7
Writer: Peter David Artist: Will Sliney Cover Artist: Francesco Mattina

• Miguel O’Hara’s crusade against the mysterious organization called FIST continues!
• But there’s trouble in New York when the Inhuman LASH (y’know, the one from a little show called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) arrives AND PUTS MIGUEL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INHUMAN CONFLICT!
Rated T

Spider-Verse Trade Paperback
Star Wars Trade Paperback Chewbacca
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5
Venom Space Knight #4
X-Men Worst X-Man Ever #1

Other Publishers Comics And Graphic Novels

12 Beast Graphic Novel Volume 3 (Mature Readers)
Absent Captain #3
Adventure Time Enchiridion Edition Hard Cover Volume 4
Adventure Time Sugary Shorts Enchiridion Edition Hard Cover Volume 1
Aliens Vampirella #6 Rare Hardman Virgin Edition
Amulet Hard Cover/ Soft Cover Volume 7 Firelight
B & V Friends Comics Annual Digest #247
Bart Simpson Comics #100
Behind Story Graphic Novel Volume 3 (Mature Readers)
Belushi On A Mission From God
Big Kids Hard Cover (Mature Readers)
Black Bag #4
Bloodshot Reborn #11 (Variant Covers)
Bloodshot Reborn Analog Man Directors Cut #1
Bravest Warriors Trade Paperback Volume 6
Cannons In The Clouds Trade Paperback
Classic Illustrated Trade Paperback 39 Steps
Classic Illustrated Trade Paperback First Men In Moon
Classic Illustrated Trade Paperback Gold Bug & Other Stories
Classic Illustrated Trade Paperback Off Of A Comet
Cops For Criminals #4
Crossed Hard Cover Volume 15 (Mature Readers)
Crossed Trade Paperback Volume 15 (Mature Readers)

Dean Koontz Frankenstein Storm Surge #5

Dean Koontz Frankenstein Storm Surge #5
Publisher: D. E.
Writer: Dean Koontz, Rik Hoskin Artist/ Cover Artist: Andres Ponce

As the risen dead rampage through New Orleans like locusts, police detectives Carson O’Connor and Michael Maddison finally track down the source of the undead uprising – Victor Frankenstein! But can two detectives really stop a city on the verge of death?

Dedication #3 (Mature Readers)
Dejah Thoris #1 Rare Anacleto Virgin Connect Edition
Devil Survivor Graphic Novel Volume 2 (Mature Readers)
Devil Survivor Graphic Novel Volume 3 (Mature Readers)
Double Take Super Pack #3 (Mature Readers)

Exmortis #4

Exmortis #4
Publisher: 451 MEDIA GROUP
Writer: Andi Ewington, Williams (A/CA) Raymund Bermudez

Plato once said, “only the dead have seen the end of war.” Leave it to Hitler to try to prove him wrong. The Dreadnaughts’ first mission is a direct offensive to stop the Nazis from raising an army of zombie soldiers. What’s at stake? Just the entire human race. Perfect time for something dark and forgotten from Jack’s past to come back and haunt him. Well, if the Dreadnaughts lose the campaign it may be time to brush up on your German.

Exo Legend Of Wale Williams Graphic Novel Volume 1
Fairy Tail Blue Mistral Graphic Novel Volume 2
Fairy Tail Graphic Novel Volume 52
Faith #1 3rd Printing
Faith #2 (Variant Covers)
Fukufuku Kitten Tales Graphic Novel
Futurama Comics #78
Ganges #5
Grimm’s Fairy Tales Oz No Place Like Home #1 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Grimm’s Fairy Tales Red Agent #2 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Gingerdead Man #1  (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Graduate #3
Harvey Beaks Graphic Novel Volume 1 Inside Joke
Harvey Beaks Hard Cover Volume 1 Inside Joke
Herocorp Knights #2
Home #3
Honor #3 (Mature Readers)
Immortal Wings #1
Imposter #1
Infinite Adventures Of Jonas Quantum #6
Inuyashiki Graphic Novel Volume 3 (Mature Readers)
John Carpenters Asylum #13 (Mature Readers)
Kaijumax Trade Paperback Volume 1
Lament Of The Lost Moors Graphic Novel Volume 3 Lady Gerfaut
Last Man Graphic Novel Volume 4 Chase
LDK Graphic Novel Volume 3
Leonard Starr’s Mary Perkins On Stage Trade Paperback Volume 15
Medic #3 (Mature Readers)
Men Of Mystery #99

Mezolith Boom Sample 1Mezolith Original Graphic Novel Hard Cover Volume 1
Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS
Writer: Ben Haggarty Artist/ Cover Artist: Adam Brockbank

What’s to Love: Mezolith is an award-winning British graphic novel that we are excited to publish for the first time in the U.S. because, simply put, it’s a captivating, coming-of-age story with lush, gorgeous art! Writer Ben Haggarty is a renowned performance storyteller, having been appointed Honorary Professor of Storytelling at the Arts University of Berlin, and illustrator Adam Brockbank is a storyboard and concept artist who has worked on the Captain America, Spider-Man, and Harry Potter films. The pair has collaborated to produce one of the best-looking books you’ll see all year.

What It Is: 10,000 years ago, the Kansa tribe live on the eastern shores of Stone Age Britain, where danger is never far away. Each season brings new adventures, each hunt has its risks, and each grim encounter with the neighboring tribe is fraught with threat. Poika, a boy on the verge of manhood, must trust the wisdom of his elders and endure life’s rites of passage as he finds his place in the tribe.

• We ran a preview of the new Boom! edition here and you can read Jeremy Briggs review of the original release here

Munchkin #14
Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Graphic Novel Volume 2

Neil Gaiman’s Mr Hero Graphic Novel/ Hard Cover Editions Volume 1

Neil Gaiman’s Mr Hero Graphic Novel/ Hard Cover Editions Volume 1
Writer: Neil Gaiman, James Vance Artist/ Cover Artist: Ted Slampyyak

From the mind of New York Times-bestselling author Neil Gaiman comes Mr. Hero! Created by the villainous Henry Phage (aka Teknophage) as a sleeper agent, steampunk robot Mr. Hero is the toast of the late 19th century carnival scene. But when an accident during a boxing match causes him to seriously harm a patron, he’s boxed up and forgotten. Rediscovered 100 years later by a young street magician, Mr. Hero struggles to overcome his original programming and become the hero his new friend (and the world) needs. This new volume (the first of a two-volume set) will collect all of the classic Mr. Hero comics for the first time anywhere.  Available in softcover and hardcover editions.

Ninja Slayer Graphic Novel Volume 3 Last Girl Standing (Mature Readers)
Ohgrr Soup Graphic Novel
Pathfinder Hollow Mountain #4 (Variant Covers)
Peanuts Volume 2 #31
Persona 4 Graphic Novel Volume 2
Persona Q Shadow Of Labyrinth Side P3 Graphic Novel Volume 1
Plus Ultra #2
Pre Code Classics Web Of Evil Hard Cover Volume 3
Queen Of Vampires #2 (Mature Readers)
Rachel Rising #40
Red Sonja Volume 3 #2 Rare Sauvage Virgin Edition
Remote #3 (Mature Readers)

Rick & Morty #11

Rick & Morty #11
Publisher: ONI PRESS INC.
Writer: Pamela Ribon Artist: Marc Ellerby Cover Artist: CJ Cannon

READY PLAYER MORTY-Rick takes Morty to a High School Simulation planet that allows the player to accelerate his experience straight to a diploma in just one day*. Rick repeatedly kills Morty’s character, forcing him to restart in more and more vicious (and sometimes illegal) HS experiences – until Morty does things the way Rick wants and finds himself on the brink of intergalactic war. But ultimately Morty will be Morty, no matter what universe or scenario. (*Not Accredited)

Rise #3
RRH #4
Say I Love You Graphic Novel Volume 12
Serving Supes #2
Seven Deadly Sins Graphic Novel Volume 12
Slab #3 (Mature Readers)
Smurfs Graphic Novel Volume 20 Doctor Smurf
Soul #3 (Mature Readers)
Spring #3 (Mature Readers)
Stan Lee Chakra The Invincible #8
Straitjacket #4 (Mature Readers)
Strayer #2

Suicide Risk Trade Paperback Volume 6

Suicide Risk Trade Paperback Volume 6
Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS
Writer: Mike Carey Artist: Elena Casagrande Cover Artist: Stephanie Hans

With his newly adopted Earth at stake, Requiem must forge an alliance with a powerful entity more dangerous than himself: Aisa. The follower of a great and ancient goddess, Aisa and her sister Diva may hold the key to closing the F.A.U.L.T.Line once and for all-but on which side will Tracey find herself when they do? Collects the final story arc, issues #22-25.

Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #96 Deluxe Edition (Mature Readers)
Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #96 Photoclad Cover (Mature Readers)
Tick Karma Tornado Comp Works Trade Paperback New Printing
Tomodachi X Monster Graphic Novel Volume 1
Tsubasa Omnibus Graphic Novel Volume 7
Vampblade #2 (Variant Covers, Mature Readers)
Vampblade #2 Cover F Cheesecake Risque (Mature Readers)
Venus #3

Wilds End Enemy Within #6

Wilds End Enemy Within #6
Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS
Writer: Dan Abnett Artist/ Cover Artist: I.N.J. Culbard

Final issue! While the other survivors struggle in the woods against the aliens, Peter and Susan desperately try to alert the public in time.

Will Eisner Spirit #8 Cover A Powell
Witchfinder General #2
Zap Comix #16
Z-Men #3


Bleeding Cool Magazine #20 (Mature Readers)
Comic Shop News #1497
Comics Revue Presents Feb 2016
Doctor Who Adventures Magazine #9
Doctor Who Adventures Magazine #10
Megami Dec 2015
Newtype Dec 2015
Nickelodeon Magazine #9
Ultimate Spider-Man Magazine #8
X-Files Magazine Special Show Companion Volume 1


Best Of Star Wars Insider Soft Cover Volume 1
Doc Savage New Advetures Soft Cover Volume 11 Secret Of Satans Spine
Doctor Who Colouring Book
Essential Evangelion Chronicle Soft Cover Side B
Green Lama Crimson Circle Prose Novel
Heavenly Nostrils Chronicle Graphic Novel Volume 3 Unicorn Vs Goblins
Jonny Negron Selected Works 2012-2013 (Mature Readers)
Kinky Lingerie Girls Hard Cover (Mature Readers)
Lois Lane Fallout YA Soft Cover Novel
Shin Megami Tensei IV Official Artworks Soft Cover
Street Fighter V Collectors Edition Guide
Wonder Woman Amazon Warrior Yr Soft Cover
Young Exotic Beauties Hard Cover (Mature Readers)

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