New Commando comics delivers Legion of the Damned and much more

Roman Legions of the damned, the walking dead in France, murders in the dawn light, and a great escape from a prisoner of war camp in North Africa… there’s all this and more in new issues of DC Thomson Media’s long-running war comic Commando (5283 – 5286) – out this week.

Commando 5283: Home of Heroes - Legions of the DamnedCommando 5283: Home of Heroes – Legions of the Damned
Story: Brent Towns | Art: Khato | Cover: Neil Roberts

In 9CE, the Romans forged a path into the wild heart of the Germanian forests to unite the fierce tribes under the banner of the Roman Empire. However, the XVII Legion would not have everything their way as they walked into a ferocious Barbarian ambush.

Their numbers annihilated and their Eagle stolen, the Legion’s commander Legionary Primus Pilus Decimus is one of the few survivors.

Disgraced and betrayed by a fellow legate, Decimus had a plan to regain his destroyed Legion’s honour, reclaim its stolen eagle and get revenge, all in one fell swoop!

Commando 5284: Gold Collection - Escape from TobrukCommando 5284: Gold Collection – Escape from Tobruk
Story: Lomas | Art: CT Rigby | Cover: Penalva
Originally Commando No. 786 (1973)

When you’re in the sprawling desert of North Africa, a compass is your best friend. But the compass in a British Matilda tank was off and only the newest recruit to Royal Tank Regiment Corporal Larry Holden knew why.

He had to get this information to the top brass… But he’d just been captured by the Italians with his mate, Chunky Brown, and their only hope of escape was with a mysterious, shifty bloke who wouldn’t even tell them his first name!

Commando 5285: Action and Adventure - Gaslight

Commando 5285: Action and Adventure – Gaslight
Story: Colin Watson | Art: Muller & Klacik | Cover: Tom Foster

Dead men walk again in Colin Watson’s ‘Gaslight’. They roam the halls of a chateau in Nazi-occupied France seeking revenge on the man who killed them — the ruthless Major Erich Guttman, murderer of British prisoners of war, French Resistance fighters and even his own German soldiers.

But all is not what it seems as someone – or something – may have slipped something into his hot cocoa…

With Tom Foster’s creepy second-ever Commando cover, you may want to sleep with the lights on after reading.

Commando 5286: Silver Collection - Shot at DawnCommando 5286: Silver Collection – Shot at Dawn
Story: Alan Hebden | Art and Cover Phil Gascoine
Originally Commando No. 2789 (1994)

“An eye for an eye.” That was the motive behind a killing spree that spanned two World Wars and across the high ranks of the British Army. It was a dastardly plot, so evilly conceived that it went undetected for decades until a Dornier bomber, shot down over England, flew straight into the isolated house of a recluse. His diary detailed facts about the murders — which had been ruled suicide, and the events leading up to the avenging spree — and Captain Ben Walsh of the Army’s Special Investigations Branch — was going to track down the murderer before he could kill again.


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