New Commando Title includes a tribute to artist Ken Barr

Commando No 4912 – Rogue Pilot

Here’s the intel on the latest issues of Commando (Issues 4911-4914) from DC Thomson, on sale now in all good newsagents and assorted digital platforms (detailed below). This batch of the ace war comic includes “Rogue Pilot”, featuring a cover by the late Ken Barr, affording interim editor Scott Montgomery to pay tribute to the artist’s fondly-remembered work for the title.

“Our thoughts are with the family of artist Ken Barr, who died in March,” notes Scott. “Ken painted the very first Commando cover, ‘Walk – Or Die!’ back in June 1961. Indeed, he illustrated a further thirteen consecutive covers straight after. The majority of his 175 covers appeared over a prolific ten-year period until April 1971.

“After a few rare appearances in the mid-1990s, a decade after this, Ken contacted then-Editor Calum Laird to ask if he could contribute a new cover. Of course, we jumped at the chance and the result was ‘Blood Red Battle’ (No 4138), published in September 2008.

“Our thanks and respect to this huge talent, who played a pivotal part in Commando’s 55-year history.”

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Commando Issues 4907 – 4910 – Published 5th May 2016

Commando 4911 – Codename “Magpie”

Commando 4911 – Codename “Magpie”
Story: George Low Art: Keith Page Cover: Keith Page

Captain Eric Brunt was a secret agent. His codename was “Magpie” — because he stole and hoarded vital enemy intelligence in the way that the bird allegedly hoarded anything that glittered.

When a Royal Navy Motor Torpedo Boat poised to pick up Eric was destroyed, the spy was trapped in occupied France, alongside Frank Nelson, a fellow survivor from the boat. Frank blamed Eric for the loss of his crew and ship. Now both men would have to work together to escape the clutches of the dreaded Gestapo.

Commando No 4912 – Rogue Pilot
Originally Commando No 219 (July 1966), re-issued as No 875 (October 1974)
Story: Clegg Art: Peter Ford Cover: Ken Barr

Sergeant Pilot Tim Cooney was a real happy-go-lucky chap. Some said he was just plain careless. Nothing really bothered him or took the grin off his face — nothing, that is, until he discovered the Germans testing a new and terrifying glider bomb.

However, when Tim made his report, no one would believe him. They thought it was just another of his jokes. It looked like he’d have to do something about this threat himself…


You can read our tribute to Ken Barr here

Commando No 4913 – Sawdust Commandos

Commando No 4913 – Sawdust Commandos
Story: George Low Art: Muller Cover: Janek Matysiak

The men of the Canadian Forestry Corps were known as the “Sawdust Fusiliers” — trained soldiers, they were also lumberjacks based in Great Britain during World War Two.

In a remote area of the Scottish Highlands a group of Commandos on a training exercise clashed with the Canadians.

However, the Green Berets and the Fusiliers expectedly came up against a group of invading German Navy Marines who were on a top secret mission. These “Sawdust Commandos” would have to put aside their differences and fight for their very lives.

Commando No 4914 – Trouble All The Way

Commando No 4914 – Trouble All The Way
Originally No 1122 (April 1977), re-issued as 2459 (April 1991)
Story: R.A. Montague Art: Mira Cover: Ian Kennedy

A Royal Navy destroyer is a formidable fighting unit — fast, well-armed and deadly. So when Pete Brandon was posted to join one in Rangoon, he was delighted. But what happened? Instead of joining the destroyer, he found himself on a little H.D.M.L. — a Harbour Defence Motor Launch!

Well, he didn’t know it then, but this was the start of the adventure of his life. Things really started to get really dangerous when his boat was attacked by a Japanese Zero floatplane — and the danger kept on coming.

“Ian Kennedy’s dramatic cover certainly sets up ‘Trouble All The Way’ as a sea and air story, but fairly quickly it changes into a tense jungle tale,” says Scott Montgomery. “Our Royal Navy hero, Sub-Lieutenant Pete Brandon, finds himself unhappily on land and in the middle of a guerrilla skirmish in occupied Burma.

“It’s exciting stuff from veteran writer R.A. Montague, ably drawn by interior artist, Mira — those bats on the opposite page look terrific, I think.”


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