New Constant Scale delivers latest Airfix news and reviews

The latest issue of Constant Scale, the magazine of the Airfix Collectors’ Club, is available now, and includes two short pieces by downthetubes contributor Jeremy Briggs on the 1978 Airfix “Adventure!” Voucher Book, which had money-off coupons for multiple museums and events, and the 1960s/1970s Airfix Enamel Paint Intermix Sets.

Issue 81 – the first issue of Volume 21 – offers 32 A4 pages, with twelve in colour and behind its cover featuring Roy Cross’ Beagle Basset artwork (the pencil master drawing of which is inside). The model is being re-released by Airfix this Spring.


2022 Additions and Deletions: Jeremy Brook covers what is in and out of the 2022 Airfix catalogue

James’ Jottings: James Bridges muses on MPC’s customised Airfix kits, spurious Airfix decals, the Thunderbird 6 Tiger Moth, the Fairey Rotodyne, the Airfix 2022 release programme, and others

Airfix’s Filmoscope and Film Strip Projector: Jeremy Brook details these early film projectors with colour photos of them and their boxes plus lists of the available film strips

Airfix Enamel Intermix Sets: Jeremy Briggs remembers the cheap way to get multiple paint colours

Spitfire Mk IXC: Jeremy Brook covers the new 1/24th scale Superkit and gives an update on Airfix’s other Spitfires

Airfix Adventure Voucher Book: Jeremy Briggs covers the 1978 money off booklet

Airfix Super Slides Offer: Jeremy Brook looks back at the “free” 1978 slides while James Bridges looks at the Agfa slide viewer

OO/HO AFVs: JC Carbonel discusses the original 1/76 AFVs with potential reasons for the inaccuracy of the Tiger 1 and Sd Kfz 234/4

Airfix HO-OO Scale Fighting Vehicles: Jeremy Brook reviews Peter Williams’ latest reference book

Plus Jeremy Brook provides his ongoing selection of new kit reviews, as well as uncropped versions of the original artwork used in the club’s 2022 calendar.

• Constant Scale issue 81 is only available from the Airfix Collectors’ Club. Back issues, both print and e-copies, are also available. More details about the club and how to join are available here –

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