Latest Airfix Collectors’ Club “Constant Scale” delves into T-Rex mystery!

Constant Scale Issue 83

Issue 83 of Constant Scale, the journal of the Airfix Collectors’ Club, is out now and has two articles by downthetubes contributor Jeremy Briggs, both featuring Airfix badges.

The first is a short piece on the mystery surrounding the three different ‘Airfix Monster Competition’ badges that feature their T-Rex head – which are a mystery, because no one remembers them, or the competition that they are promoting.

Airfix Modellers Club - Mystery T-Rex Badge
Airfix Modellers Club - 1970s and 1980s Badges

The issue also includes a longer feature on the history of Palitoy era version of the Airfix Modellers Club – the 1970s IPC comics version of the original club in Lion, Valiant, Buster and Battle comics had a white members’ badge, whilst the shorter lived 1980s Palitoy era Airfix Magazine version had a black members’ badge.

The full contents of the issue are as follows:

James’ Jottings: James Bridges muses on kit accuracy, Airfix’s B-Type bus, glue capsules in kits, companies releasing other manufacturers’ kits as theirs, and more…

Palitoy’s Airfix Modellers Club: Jeremy Briggs looks at the second version of the club run through Airfix Magazine in the Palitoy era of the 1980s

Humbrol Era Catalogues: Jeremy Brook looks at the 1986 to 1996 Airfix catalogues with lots of illustrations

Left to right: Peter Allen (Airfix Product Manager), author Arthur Ward, Keith Melville and David Wick (Tooling Engineer)
Left to right: Peter Allen (Airfix Product Manager), author Arthur Ward, Keith Melville and David Wick (Tooling Engineer). Image: Airfix/ Hornby Hobbies Ltd

Working For Matchbox: Former Airfix staffer and longtime modeller Keith Melville describes his time working at Matchbox kits before he moved over to Airfix

An Airfix Monster Mystery: Jeremy Briggs speculates on the origin of the Airfix Monster Competition badges

Type 18 Boxes: Jeremy Brook covers Airfix’s new box design and how it echoes previous styles

Melville’s Musings: Keith Melville considers the current prices of kits, the lack of Bomber Command kits and accessories, buying kits from Woolworths, and “three dimensional volumetric” Micromodels kits.

Plus Jeremy Brook provides his ongoing selection of new kit reviews

• Constant Scale Issue 83 is only available from the Airfix Collectors’ Club. Back issues, both print and e-copies, are also available. More details about the club and how to join are available on its website:

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