New Dandy and Beano out today

Revamped The Dandy, and BEANO released same week - November 2010

(With thanks to Lew Stringer): New issues of the revamped The Dandy and the latest Beano are on sale today.

The new Dandy – which is provoking ongoing debate on the downthetubes forum and has just started its first poll about its strips on its Facebook page – some will go as the result of reader votes, others will stay – features Harry Hill’s Real Life Adventures in TV Land by Harry Hill and Nigel Parkinson, Kid Cops and Postman Prat by Lew Stringer, Robot on the Run by Alexander Matthews, Pre-Skool Prime Minister by Jamie Smart and much more. “Even Bruce Forsyth returns to comics,” notes contributor Lew. “Shades of Film Fun!” For more on the issue, check out Lew’s blog post.

The Beano (Number 2559) comes with a Dennis and Gnasher by Jimmy Hansen who also draws a two page Dennis strip. Also in the issue: Ken Harrison drawing Minnie the Minx, Hunt Emerson on Ratz and David Sutherland on The Bash Street Kids. Other contributors include new artist Diego Jourdan Pereira (drawing Ivy the Terrible) and Laura Howell (on Meebo and Zuky)

While some fans have raised concerns about the Dandy‘s announced poll about its strips, Lew Stringer reminds us the comic was never one to rely on characters with such longevity. “Each decade has brought in fresh new characters although Desperate Dan, Korky the Cat, and Bananaman are still around albeit with modern new designs,” he notes.

The Dandy has always been the one to take more risks and, having had three revamps in six years, let’s hope that it’s third time lucky for the all-fun, all-new, back to basics Dandy of 2010.”

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