New Eagle Times highlights Tintin’s lunar adventure and rare British custom comic, The Shell

The latest edition of EAGLE Times, the magazine of the Eagle Society, devoted to Eagle comic and its many creators, is out now, with items on Tintin and the rare The Shell custom comic.

Eagle Times - Volume 32 No. 3 Autumn 2019

Tintin appears on the cover of the Volume 32 No. 3 Autumn 2019 edition, a character whose first British appearance was in Eagle, back in 1951 with the publication of an English version of “King Ottokar’s Sceptre”. Continuing to broaden the EAGLE Times comics coverage in an effort to widen the magazine’s appeal, we’re treated to an article about Tintin’s much-loved lunar adventure from Jim Duckett.

Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon were serialised together under the title “On a marché sur la lune” in Tintin magazine between 1950 and 1953, and were first published in English by Methuen in 1959, by Michael Turner and Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper, with input from astronomer Patrick Moore. The story had a fractious birth, as creator Hergé wrestled with depression, delaying publication of the final part of the story by some 19 months.

Eagle Times - Volume 32 No. 3 Autumn 2019 - Destination Moon

Downthetubes contributors Jeremy Briggs and Steve Winders also contribute to this issue. I’ve been fortunate to see copies of The Shell educational comic magazine produced by the Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company in the 1950s, but only in passing, so Jeremy’s article on this British custom comic, which features art by Eagle‘s Peter Jackson and Leslie Ashwell-Wood, makes for a fascinating and, as usual, very informative read.

Eagle Times - Volume 32 No. 3 Autumn 2019 - The Shell

There’s a lot of research going on right now about the photo strips that featured in the Eagle of the 1980s, with Richard Pearce uncovering some fascinating information he’s partly teased in the Eagle Readers Facebook group; but Steve Winders feature on the strips for EAGLE Times is, I think, one of the first times the subject has been covered in print in any detail, and well worth a read.

Eagle Times - Volume 32 No. 3 Autumn 2019 - Eagle Photo Strips

Along with the final part of David Britton‘s series, “Charles Chilton and the Indian Wars” and an intriguing guide to the Radio Luxembourg Dan Dare radio adventures discovered in the BBC archives, this issue is, once again, well worth your attention if you’re a fan of classic British comics.


  • Charles Chilton and the Indian Wars: Part 6 of David Britton’s in depth look at the Riders of the Range Adventure The War With the Sioux and the real story of the war.
  • Dan Dare Mint and Boxed: a look at the impressive Dan Dare toy collection in the MINT Toy Museum in Singapore
  • Dan Dare Radio: a document from the BBC archives about Radio Luxembourg’s Dan Dare radio series
  • The Shell: The Motor Mechanic’s Own Strip Cartoon Magazine: A look at an educational comic magazine produced by the Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company in the 1950s with several similarities to EAGLE by Jeremy Briggs
  • Destination Moon: Tintin’s Moon Adventure examined by Jim Duckett
  • The Case of the Counterfeit Constable“: Part 3 of Steve Winders’ latest adventure of Archie Berkeley-Willoughby
  • In and Out of the EAGLE: Another page in the series of short EAGLE related items
  • Smile Please! You’re in EAGLE: Steve Winders examines the photo strips from the 1980s EAGLE
  • Tail Pieces: A short piece on the Yugoslavian comic Plavi-Vjesnik which featured Dan Dare

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Tintin - The Secret of the Unicorn - 1952 English edition published by Casterman

Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn – 1952 English edition published by Casterman


• Following the appearance of King Ottokar’s Sceptre, Casterman published Le Secret de la Licorne (The Secret of the Unicorn) and Le Trésor de Rackham le Rouge (Red Rackham’s Treasure) in English in 1952. In a 2004 interview with Michael Turner and Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper by Chris Owens, the pair note Casterman had found an English speaking person in Belgium who’d been in Belgium for some 20 years to translate the strips, who also apparently was responsible for translating King Ottokar’s Sceptre for Eagle, but the translation was not very fluent

Scots Language Centre: The Adventures of Tintin: The Derk Isle – an article about Tintin’s first Scots language publication in 2013

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