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New DCT Heritage Editor Gordon Tait (centre) with former Commando editors George Low and Calum Laird at Dundee University's DCCS, April 2018 (c) Jeremy Briggs

New DCT Heritage Editor Gordon Tait (centre) with former Commando editors George Low and Calum Laird at Dundee University’s DCCS, April 2018. Photo copyright Jeremy Briggs

Brand new Commando (issues 5131 – 5134) are on sale this Thursday in all good UK newsagents, and there’s also a new editor on board.

Evade fate and fatalities with Captain Valentine as The Phantom returns, beat the Nazis at their own game in Operation Midnight Sun, solve a series of nefarious murders on the Home Front, and take part in the St Nazaire Raid with plucky Corporal Sam Wilson!

On board as the title’s new editor at Dundee-based DC Thomson is Gordon Tait, previously the company’s product development manager.

He was responsible, amongst other things, for ensuring brand consistency within a portfolio that includes Beano, Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, The Broons and Bananaman – and among his many achievements in that role, he persuaded top fine art and pop culture artist Jon Burgerman to revamp the Beano style guide, back in 2014.

We wish him every success in his new role of Heritage Brands editor.

Commando 5131: Home of Heroes - The Phantom’s Revenge

Commando 5131: Home of Heroes – The Phantom’s Revenge
Story: Dominic Teague | Art: Vicente Alcazar | Cover: Janek Matysiak

The Phantom is back! But doom is foretold for all those who sail on her. Hunting down a notorious French vessel which is sinking British ships in the Mediterranean, Captain Valentine has more to worry about than the dreaded Captain Ricordeau. Paying five silver coins for his fortune to be read, Valentine never expected that each coin would prophesise a different death in his crew… or that the last one would read destruction for them all!

Returning to the ‘Phantom’ series, Dominic Teague ups the stakes as the story build to its glorious climax when Ricordeau and the final prophecy come together in a dramatic crescendo.

Alcazar’s bold lines prove perfect for the ornate but hard-wearing ships.

Commando 5132: Gold Collection - Midnight Menace

Commando 5132: Gold Collection – Midnight Menace
Story: Allan| Art: CT Rigby | Cover: Penalva
Originally Commando No. 463 (March 1970). Reprinted No. 1323 (June 1979)

Surrounded by advancing German troops, Second Lieutenant Matt Rogers and his batman Private Don Arle were isolated from the rest of their squadron. To make matters worse, Rogers gun wasn’t loaded — and Arlen was just waiting to put a bullet in his back.

But the pair would have to work together if they were going to uncover what the Nazis were calling “Operation Midnight Sun” and stop them before they could execute it!

Allan’s classic tale of enemies turned friends is immediately spun on its head, the opening panel offering a glimpse into the story ahead, as Arlen holds his gun aimed at hero Rogers — the turning point of the entire issue.

Commando 5133: Action and Adventure - The Home Front

Commando 5133: Action and Adventure – The Home Front
Story: Shane Filer | Art and Cover: Carlos Pino

Wilhelmina Home of the WAAC had travelled around. She knew a thing or two about car engines and mystery novels, but after her friend is found dead in his factory and his livestock look to be poisoned, Wilhelmina would have to gather all her wits to unravel the strange events unfolding.

Little did she know that she would soon be caught up in a plot involving German spies that threatened the population of Britain!

Accompanying Shane Filer’s twisting story is endearing interior and cover artwork by Carlos Pino. Perfectly pairing the noir themes, Pino’s Wilhelmina is drawn as a feisty Louise Brooks, her hair and outfit always impeccable.

Commando 5134: Silver Collection: - Deadly Convoy
Commando 5134: Silver Collection: – Deadly Convoy
Story: CG Walker | Art: CT Rigby | Cover: Phil Gascoine
Originally Commando No. 2760 (May 1994)

Plucky Corporal Sam Wilson didn’t always go looking for trouble, but trouble soon found him. He was the kind of guy who’d rather be in the thick of it than on the side-lines, much to the grievances of his squadron.

But, when Wilson gets the chance to join the Commandos he signs up immediately, hungry for action!

Phil Gascoine’s stunning acrylic cover showcases CG Walker’s Tommie hero as the archetypal Commando cover star, his oerlikon machine-gun blazing against the diving stukas, the yellow and red burning on the muted blue of the waves.

• Commando Comics are available to buy and request in WHSmith and all good local newsagents

• Print and digital subscriptions are available worldwide, and can be bought through the DC Thomson website 

• The DC Thomson online shop offers both Commando cover prints and T-Shirts –

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