New Forest Painters 2023 exhibition to feature fine art of comic creator Alan Langford

Comic and fine artist Alan Langford is among the painters whose work will feature in the upcoming New Forest Painters 2023 in Lyndhurst, Somerset, next month, exhibiting some of his incredible fine art, along with his wife, Janet Langford.

The exhibition marks a quarter of a century of New Forest Painters exhibitions in the area.

Alan Langford. Photo: Richard Sheaf
Alan Langford. Photo: Richard Sheaf

Alan Langford, today better known as an equestrian artist, should need no introduction to downthetubes readers – we’ve featured both his past and present work on the site, including a review of his spectacular graphic novel, The Secret of the Aesir, a combination of SF and Viking mythology, soon to be serialised in SHIFT magazine.

The Autumn King by Alan Langford
The Autumn King by Alan Langford, some of his previous fine art

After a long period of extreme weather, contrasting with a dry spring and a particularly wet summer, we are now entering that most colourful of seasons the autumn, with its abundant golden deciduous foliage, rising evening mists and low lit shortening days. Aspects of seasonal change that are only too apparent in the New Forest, with its generous sprawling woodlands of oaks, ash and beeches that create a yellow and reddish canopy over the bracken covered forest floor.

Among the various forms of seasonal attractions during this time of year, the New Forest Painters exhibition is one not to be missed. It is now anticipating its 25 year, a quarter of a century of annual exhibitions, that is now held for the third time in the new expanded exhibition space of the Linden Hall at Lyndhurst Community Centre, on the Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October 2023.

The professional artists exhibiting are Barry Peckham, Richard and Hillary Tratt, Janet and Alan Langford, Courtney Leggett, Jennifer Pitt, Sue Kerrigan-Harris, Colin Richens, Peter Frost and Barry Miles. They work in varied mediums with differing emphasis on actual subject matter.

Visitors will find traditional views of the Forest region featuring its unique flora and fauna, plus paintings emphasising the various practices of the local commoners, accompanied with mysterious depictions of forest myths and legends.

“There will be something here for everyone at this totally free and thoroughly enjoyable exhibition experience, young and old, local and holidaymakers,” we’re told. “Everyone is welcome, including interested observers and serious collectors,
We will be looking forward to greeting you.”

The Secret of the Aesir - Cover

• New Forest Painters 2023 (mixed show of 12 local artists) Linden Hall, the Lyndhurst Community Centre, Central Car Park, High Street, Lyndhurst, Somerset SO43 7NY | Private View Friday 13th October 6.30 – 8.30pm | 10.00am – 5.00pm daily  Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th October | Lyndhurst Community Centre is online at

• The Secret of the Aesir by Alan Langford is available here for £12 from Little Knoll Press – signed copies available | Buy it from AmazonUK (£14.49) – Affiliate Link | Read our review

• Comic Creator Spotlight: Alan Langford

• More about Alan at

• Copies of his book of equestrian art, Welgora, are available direct from Little Knoll Press (£14.99) | Buy it from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)


New Forest Painters 2023 Poster

Peter Frost
Sue Kerrigan-Harris
Alan Langford
Janet Langford

Courtney Leggett
Barry Miles

Barry Peckham
Jennifer Pitt
Colin Richens
Hilary Tratt
Richard Tratt


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