New gaming spin-off launched for “Thrones & Bones” fantasy project

Thrones & Bones is a terrific fantasy trilogy of books by award-winning author Lou Anders, set in the world of Qualth, aimed at ten to 13 year olds. Now, after 18 months of development, the Thrones & Bones: Norrøngard 5e campaign setting, is available for role playing gamers who want to explore this fascinating world still further.

For those who came in late, Norrøngard is a land beset by undead horrors, marauding trolls, mercurial spirits, and monstrous beasts. In such a danger-fraught and challenging environment, heroes emerge to perform deeds worthy of the skalds, and those who don’t meet an early demise as a troll’s breakfast or a linnorm’s lunch carve out new domains or conquer existing ones.

Earn your honour exploring the cold heights of the Ymirian Mountain Range and the dark forest of the Raven’s Wood. Risk your life to snatch the knowledge of rune magic from the jaws of death. Contend with powerful vættir in the mysterious Wyrdwood, or brave the perilous caverns of Svartálfaheim…

Published by Lazy Wolf Studios after a successful crowdfunding funding campaign earlier this year, the lavishly-illustrated Thrones & Bones Campaign Setting: Volume 1 – Norrøngard expands on the lore in the exciting saga’s first novel, Frostborn. It provides a rich, complex fantasy setting in which to play the fifth edition of the popular role playing game.

Thrones & Bones: Norrøngard is a 320-page manual containing everything you need to adventure in the land of Norrøngard, Norse-inspired land from Lou’s novel Frostborn, using the rules of the world’s most popular role-playing game.

A companion book, Sagas of Norrøngard, provides an additional seven adventures beyond the two in the core manual to continue your exploration of the land of the ice and snow.

The Player’s Guide to Norrøngard provides game masters with a shorter reference booklet that allows their players to create authentic characters in the land of Norrøngard without handing them any spoilers.

Contributing artists to this project include Andrew Bosley, Justin Gerard, Ksenia Kozhevnikova, Randall Mackey, Will O’Brien, Craig J. Spearing and Bryan Syme. It features original cartography from Rob Lazzaretti and battle maps from Heroic Maps.

Creator Lou Anders is a Hugo-winning editor, a Chesley-winning art director, and a critically acclaimed author with 25 years experience working in genre entertainment in magazines, television, film, book publishing, and role playing games.

In addition to his own novels, Lou has also written Star Wars stories for Disney Lucasfilm and has done RPG design for Kobold Press, River Horse Games, and 3D Printed Tabletop.

The Thrones & Bones campaign setting books are available here on

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