New Glenrothes Comic Con Adds Even More Comics Guests

The new Glenrothes Comic Con which is taking place in the Rothes Halls at the town’s Kingdom Shopping Centre on Saturday 10 June 2017 has announced yet more comics guests.

Given that the artistic director of the event is artist Gary Erskine this was always going to be a properly comics based ‘comic con’. With the current season of Doctor Who in full, and much more family friendly, flow as well as 2000AD celebrating its 4oth anniversary, the event has an impressive array of comics talent that has worked on either of these or, in some cases, both.

The current list of guests for Glenrothes (in alphabetical order) is as follows –

Chris BaldieSpace Captain, Never Ever After

Emma Beeby2000AD, Judge Dredd, Doctor Who

Colin BellDungeon Fun

Adam CaldwellBlood Blokes

Mike Collins – Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Class

Gary Erskine – Marvel, DC , Vertigo, Image, 2000AD, Doctor Who, Star Wars

John FergusonSaltire

Tom Foster2000AD, Judge Dredd

John LeesTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sink, And Emily Was Gone

Sonia Leong – Sweatdrop, Self Made Hero, VIZ, Tokyopop

Dan McDaidJersey Gods, Judge Dredd, Planet Of The Apes, Vandroid

Holley McKendNever Ever After

Graeme Neil ReidDoctor Who, 2000AD, Judge Dredd

Gordon Rennie2000AD, Judge Dredd, Doctor Who

Tanya Roberts – Star Wars, Clone Wars, Plagued

Will Simpson2000AD, Game Of Thrones

Neil SloranceDungeon Fun, Doctor Who, The National

Rachael SmithDoctor Who, Flimsy

However perhaps the greatest draw for the general public will be the entrance fee as tickets cost only £1 per person. These will be available on the door and are also available to pre-order from the OnFife website.

There are more details of the Glenrothes Comic Con at the OnFife website and the event’s Facebook page while tickets can be purchased on-line here.

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