New London convention “Nine Worlds” debuts in August

Nine Worlds 2013 PosterNine Worlds is a new multi-genre convention in London taking place the weekend of 9–11 August 2013 for fans of science fiction, fantasy, gaming, cosplay, anime, science and having a big party.

Covering film and TV, Doctor Who, Steampunk and more, the guest list is enormous and wide ranging, including comic creators such as Paul Cornell, Cory Doctorow, Kieron Gillen and Barry Nugent, along with SF and Fantasy authors such as Ben AaronovitchJaine FennStephen Hunt, Kim Newman, Rhianna Pratchett, Charlie Stross and James Swallow, as well as actors such as Red Dwarf star Chris Barrie, Torchwood‘s Kai Owen and Matthew Waterhouse, who played companion Adric in Doctor Who.

Check out the full guest list here, which also includes former Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures script editor Gary Russell, Roz Kaveney, Stan Nicholls, Professor Ian Stewart, Danie Ware and acclaimed alien life theorist Dr Jack Cohen.

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