Cats and Comics exhibition at Orbital Comics, London

Cats and Comics Exhbition, Orbital Comics, London

Maybe it’s part of their masterplan to take over the world, or maybe it’s just that cool cats hang out with cool cartoonists, but have you ever noticed how often cats show up in comics? They turn up in autobiographical stories, playing the main role in their own strips and sometimes even as fully anthropomorphic characters.

The tam at London’s Orbital Comics love it all! In fact, some of the staff even claim that’s the combination of two of the best things ever (cats and comics!). So to celebrate it, they have put together an exhibition featuring some of the top names in alternative comics with a whole lot of kitties too.

The show, which runs until 12th August 2013, features work by: Jeffrey Brown, Lucy Knisley, James Kochalka, Liz Prince, Sara McHenry, Gemma Correll, John Porcellino, Lizz Lunney, Dan Berry, Rus Hudda, Sara Lindo, Yasmine Surovec, Seo Kim and Martin Tomsky.

• Cats and Comics! Orbital Comics, 8 Great Newport Street, London WC2H 7JA. More info:

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