New Moon Queen Adventure on ROK Comics

Everyone loves superhero the Moon Queen – but she’s blissfully unaware of it! Her best friend is the Bee – the only one who doesn’t seem to want something from her. MQ’s real name is Agnes Bale, she can fly and has super powers but she is far from invulnerable.

In Jelston’s Lesson, the latest Moon Queen adventure to appear on comics on mobiule service ROK Comics, jealous Blink Bonny makes her life a misery!

Creator Chris Reynolds, who has been publishing Moon Queen on ROK Comics for a while now, created the classic graphic novel Mauretania first published by Penguin Books. His most famous character is Monitor, the strange, helmeted, spaceman aged between about eight and thirty, who had many strange and nostalgic adventures. Now Chris’ latest character is the Moon Queen. She’s sensitive like Monitor, but her adventures take place in a more colourful, sunny, upland world!

Click here for a list of Moon Queen’s adventures on ROK Comics (R rated)

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