New ‘Necessary Monsters’ to debut at Thought Bubble

Necessary Monsters, published by First Comics and created by by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and Sean Azzopardi, debuts Issues 3 and 4 at Leeds Thought Bubble Festival this weekend.

There exists a world of horrors beneath the one we know. Where the creatures of our nightmares stalk amongst humanity and play their games of vengeance, murder and intrigue. To police this world there is The Chain; a covert agency of monsters and killers, charged with keeping the human herd from ever growing too thin.

But these are dangerous times to be an agent of The Chain. The artificial intelligence known as Murderbox has gone rogue, targeting The Chain for elimination. Now agents Gravehouse, Creeping Tuesday, Charlotte Hatred and Cowboy 13 find themselves caught in the crosshairs of the psychotic AI.

The chase is on, as supernatural killers and international super-spies hunt each other through the shadows of a hidden Europe. In Geneva undead nuns loom on the wrong side of the mirror. In Budapest scarves of hungry teeth wrap tight around unwary necks. In Paris the ancient horrors of La Danse De La Mort circle, curtsy and prepare for slaughter. And at the heart of it all awaits a debonair killer with a brain made of light and a body made for murder.

Can anyone solve the mystery of the Muderbox before the final trap is sprung?

Based out of Welwyn Garden City, comic creator and new media lecturer Daniel Merlin Goodbrey is a leading innovator in the world of web comics. is where he catalogues his experiments in fiction and the comics form. I”f that all sounds a little dry, don’t worry,” he notes. “I’m sure something horribly violent and amusing will happen if you stick around long enough.”

Sean Azzopardi is a London-based cartoonist who has been making and self publishing comics for eleven years. He was a founding member of London Underground Comics, and has produced numerous mini comics and books for his Phatcomics imprint, including acclaimed titles such as Ed, Twelve Hour Shift and Dark Matters. His work has been published in numerous anthologies and magazines, including Off Life and Ink + Paper

• You can get your copies of the new Necessary Monsters from Sean Azzopardi on table 77 or Daniel Merlin Goodbrey on table 149 in the New Dock Hall at Thought Bubble Festival this weekend

• For more on Daniel Merlin Godbrey and his work visit:

• For more on Sean Azzopardi and his work visit:


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