New Roy of the Rovers shirt revealed, new book and graphic novel on their way

Ahead of the new football season, Rebellion have opened pre-orders for a new Melchester Rovers shirt, for both adults and juniors – and, of course, there’s a new novel and graphic novel on the way, too, as the modern Roy of the Rovers adventures continue in to their Third Season.

For football fans the country over, Melchester Rovers simple red shirt with a yellow stripe introduced in the 1980s is iconic, a portal to another time. A time of racing down to the local newsagents every week to find out what Roy Race and his Melchester teammates were up to. A time of heroic players, fierce rivalries, and last minute rockets into the top-corner of the net. 

  • Melchester Rovers - Roy of the Rovers Home Shirt 2021
  • Melchester Rovers - Roy of the Rovers Home Shirt 2021
  • Melchester Rovers - Roy of the Rovers Home Shirt 2021
  • Melchester Rovers - Roy of the Rovers Home Shirt 2021

When people think Melchester Rovers, they think this kit, which is why the Roy of the Rovers team are proud to reveal it as the Home Shirt for the third season of rebooted books and graphic novels, launching on 30th September 2021 with Sudden Death by Tom Palmer, a novel illustrated by Elkys Nova, followed a month later by the graphic novel, New Digs, by Rob Williams, with art by legendary Roy of the Rovers artist David Sque.

The Roy of the Rovers creative line-up is already crackling with talent, of course, but David Sque’s addition to the team will be welcomed by many. He’s been a full time artist, illustrator and painter all his professional life, best known to comics fans for his work on the Roy of the Rovers, and came back to draw the character last year, for the well-received 2020 Summer Special.

In addition to Roy of the Rovers, he also worked on the Daily Mirror newspaper strip Scorer, working with former Tiger and Roy of the Rovers editor Barrie Tomlinson.

Elkys Nova, who’s illustrating Sudden Death, is also a comic artist, drawing strips since age 14, his work published in the United States, as well as creating his own projects. He also provided art for last year’s ROTR Summer Special, and drew the “Cat Girl” strip for last year’s Tammy and Jinty Special.

“It was an honour being part of a football classic comic,” Elkys told 2000AD last year of his ROTR debut. “When I was a little kid, I would hang out a lot with my cousins, who had football in their veins. I used to go play with them and have so much fun.

“A big part of the ROTR comic… was inspired by the classic Roy and my childhood experience about this sport. It was so inspiring having all those memories of being in the field kicking the ball that I could empathise a lot with the characters and honest art to what was happening in the story.”

You can pre-order your new Roy of the Rovers kit here, at the exclusive launch price at £30 (Adults) and £25 (Juniors), plus P&P

Here’s our guide to the Season Three tie-books announced – and of course, there’s always more information on all things Roy of the Rovers over on the official web site at

Sudden Death (Book 7) 
ISBN: 9781781089521
by Tom Palmer
Illustrated by Elkys Nova
Out: 30th September 2021
Pages: 288

Roy of the Rovers - Sudden Death

After a dramatic season that saw Roy Race and teammates suffer a heart-breaking loss in the League Cup final, their beloved stadium burning to the ground, and an ownerless Rovers on the brink of being shut down, things were looking bleak despite securing promotion to the Championship…

A fresh season brings fresh hope though in the form of dedicated new owners, intent on rebuilding Mel Park and restoring Melchester Rovers as one of the biggest clubs in Europe, in both the men’s and the women’s game!

But a new start means new challenges for Roy, Rocky, their family, and their teammates, and with Roy’s Dad’s condition getting worse, things aren’t about to get any easier both on and off the field…

Get ready for another scintillating season of Roy of the Rovers!

Roy of the Rovers: New Digs
ISBN: 9781781089361
By Rob Williams | Art by David Sque
Out: 28th October 2021
Price: £12.99
Pages: 72
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 259×187mm

Roy of the Rovers: New Digs

It’s the start of a terrific new season for Melchester Rovers. They are now a Championship club with a new kit, new owners and a fabulous new stadium. With Sowerby now fully integrated into the club, Rocky and Roy Race couldn’t be happier.

But a personal tragedy and an appalling incident during a Melchester Rovers match in Europe, will push the footballing siblings to the limit…

For a full guide to Roy of the Rovers releases from Rebellion, check out our Roy of the Rovers – Rebellion Books Check List

Melchester Rovers - Roy of the Rovers Home Shirt 2021

You can pre-order your new Roy of the Rovers kit here, at the exclusive launch price at £30 (Adults) and £25 (Juniors), plus P&P

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