New Take on the Wild West in Frontier

Frontier, the new comic strip by Jason Cobley and Andrew Wildman is now up and running in weekly subscription-only comic The DFC.

The second instalment sees heroes Mitch and Daisy dealing with the Weird and Wonderful… well, check out the picture, it doesn’t get any more weird than that.

Frontier tells the tales and adventures of Mitch Seeker and Daisy Adams and is “Based on the recently discovered diaries of Daisy Adams from 1866.

“It’s weird, it’s wild and it all happened out west,” explain the creators, who have also launched a supporting web site for the strip ( with information about the strip, gallery and creator profiles.

Extracts from Daisy’s diaries are also being published in blog form, the creators warning that “It is with some nervousness that we present these diaries for publications.

“Discovered in a hoard of old documents and personal items in an old shack out on the plains of North America, we have been able to study at length the journals and diaries of many early settlers of the United States. We have been able to verify the truth of most of them, such as The Diary of Willam H. Ashley, March 25 – June 27, 1825 and others that are available to view at:

Click here to read an online version of Frontier Part One
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