New Tales from the TARDIS (#4) On Sale Now in UK Newsagents

Doctor Who: Tales from the TARDIS #4 - Cover

Doctor Who: Tales from the TARDIS #4 is on sale now in all good UK newsagents and some comic shops, re-presenting several stories first released in the US as separate titles by Titan Comics.

As we previously reported stories from Titan’s now exeunt Doctor Who Comic continue in this issue of Tales from the TARDIS after an unofficial merger, with none of that “Great News Inside, Kids” mallarkey that readers of older ages will recall spelt misery for some of your favourite characters way back in the 19760s and 80s.

In this issue:

The Tenth Doctor Year Two: "The Singer Not the Song" Part One

The Tenth Doctor Year Two: “The Singer Not the Song” Part One

Gabby and the Doctor arrive at Wupatki, a giant network of human cities floating in the habitable zone of a gas giant. There, they meet the Shan’Tee, a species of sentient songs – only to discover that the Shan’Tee have been infected by a mysterious memetic virus that is turning them into monstrous killers!

The Eleventh Doctor Year Two: "The Then and Now" Part One

The Eleventh Doctor Year Two: “The Then and Now” Part One

When the Doctor and Alice respond to a distress call, they are caught in a trap set by The Overcast – a small colony of Time War survivors. Blaming the Doctor for the death of their people, the disappearance of their gods, and the arrival of a deadly curse known only as the Malignant, they had saved for generations to employ The Then and The Now, a bounty hunter (and weeping sore in the skin of temporal causality), to punish the Doctor for the sins of his past.

The Twelfth Doctor Year Two: "Clara Oswald andThe School of Death"

The Twelfth Doctor Year Two: “Clara Oswald andThe School of Death”

When a teacher friend of Clara’s disappears from a school in the frozen wilds of Scotland, the Doctor and Clara go undercover to investigate. But Ravenscaur is home to secrets even more terrifying and ancient than its strict school rules and entitled, Old Money residents. As the tide turns against the cliffs below, an old menace is about to rise anew…

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