New Vampirella series from Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton debuts

Vampirella #0 Cover

On sale now in all good comic shops from Dynamite Entertainment is Vampirella #0, beginning the new series from Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton.

Priced at only 25 cents in the US, and 20p in the UK, it’s also available for free as a digital Édition on ComiXology.

Vampirella was last spotted in 2016 doing what she does best-defending the world from threats both mystic and evil. She hasn’t been seen since. Now, over a thousand years later, she’s poised to make her fateful return, but the world that awaits her is unlike anything she might expect – or want to defend!

Vampirella #0 Cover Variant

Published by Dynamite, written by Paul Cornell (This Damned Band, Doctor Who) and illustrated by the masterful Jimmy Broxton (Goldtiger, Knight & Squire), it’s the start of an adventure for Vampirella unlike any she’s had in her long and lurid history.

“It’s lovely to take on a character with such a long history and so many portrayals,” Paul told PreviwsWorld in an interview about the new story.

“In our run, she’s a bit of an everywoman, a relatable character lost in a terrible world,” he says of the team’s take on the character. “That’s not a first for her, really, but I like the chance to put the audience onside with her, inside her head.”

Of Jimmy’s art he enthuses “He’s got this classy, European style going now, which so plays to both the origins of the character, in black-and-white magazine art, and to the kind of subtle, sophisticated look we want to give her now. I keep saying Modesty Blaise, and Jimmy seems to enjoy that.”

“I do hope you’ll risk less that the price of… well, I can’t think of anything that cheap any more, so do join us!”

• More about the new Vampirella here on the Dynamite web site

• As we previously reported, Paul is part of the line up for this year’s Glasgow Aye Write festival in March

• Paul is also in the US at the annual Doctor Who-focused Gallifrey One convention later this month, as are Doctor Who comic creators Nick Abadzis, Christopher Jones. Gary Russell, Richard Starkings, Rachael Stott and more

Vampirella #0 Preview 1

Vampirella #0 Preview 2

Vampirella #0 Preview 3

Vampirella #0 Preview 4

Vampirella #0 Preview 5

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