Nichelle Nichols Foundation launches, continuing the legacy of the Star Trek actress

Nichelle Nichols Foundation

Marking what would have been Nichelle Nichols 90th birthday on 28th December, the Nichelle Nichols Foundation has begun its journey to continue the Star Trek actress’s legacy, confirming its aim is to explore new ways to provide inspiration to the next generation.

The Nichelle Nichols Foundation says it will continue the legacy of Nichelle and break down barriers and open the doors of opportunity for women and BIPOC (Blacks, Indigenous, People of Color).

“Education is the gateway to dreams and will allow so many young people the opportunity to reach for the stars,” they explained in an statement.

Nichelle Nichols
Image courtesy Nichelle Nichols Foundation

“With Nichelle Nichols as our guiding star, we continue the mission to make an impact in young people’s lives and create a path for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) related education and careers. The foundation will raise funds and partner with organizations to provide scholarships, mentoring and training to individuals interested in STEAM careers.

Nichelle Nichols Foundation

“Nichelle influenced so many individuals who are now making a difference every day, from scientists to engineers to diplomats to physicians to astronauts to teachers. Nichelle’s dream was to continue inspiring future generations who will shape our world in the image of Star Trek and its “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations” (IDIC) philosophy: a world that is diverse, kind, and peaceful.”

To learn more about the foundation, its board of advisors who were influenced by Star Trek, partners, upcoming events and flagship project, visit

Star Trek Explorer #5 - PX Edition

• The latest issue of Star Trek Explorer, Issue Five, in UK newsagents this week and already available in the US and comic shops, includes a wide range of tributes to Nichelle Nichols

The variant PX Edition from comic shops features a Nichelle Nichols cover

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