Nick “Awkward Yeti” Seluk, designs mental health card deck for Flick Solitaire

Flick Solitaire Zen Deck by Nick "Awkward Yeti" Seluk

Flick Solitaire has just launched a mental wellbeing card deck by award-winning cartoonist Nick “Awkward Yeti” Seluk, alongside a massive game-changing app update for the digital game.

Free-to-play on iOS and Android, Flick Solitaire, with over one million downloads is well-known for their relaxing classic card games and for promoting positive mental health has collaborated with Nick to launch the Zen Deck, out now.

Created in the hand-drawn style of Nick’s New York Times bestselling comic series “The Awkward Yeti” starring the popular duo, Heart & Brain, ZEN features new content and arty prompts on each playing card to encourage positive mental health habits. It’s been released ahead of Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

The ZEN Deck features the relatable and popular characters from Nick’s award-winning comic series, Heart & Brain who headline as Kings and Queens, alongside illustrated pip cards of peaceful landscapes and mindful activities; including healthy eating, exercising and dog walking.

Flick Solitaire Zen Deck by Nick "Awkward Yeti" Seluk - Heart and Brain Card Back

With new content including peaceful settings and artistic prompts to promote mindful activities to help positive mental health – card game enthusiasts can start collecting the ZEN Deck, available in-game now.

“I loved that Flick was so invested in Solitaire games as a relaxing escape,” says Nick, who will be one of the guests at this year’s Lakes International Comic Art Festival. “I wanted to bring as much of that into my deck so players might find some subtle inspiration. Each card is designed around things that are good for mental health.”

The team purposely built their game without timers or rankings to give players a place to relax and enjoy card games at their own pace. The player community regularly feedback on how the game helps them time to unwind and overcome stress and anxiety disorders.

Flick is building the ultimate card game platform with a thriving creator economy – all around art and artists. Players can ‘flick’ cards in thousands of joy-inducing levels with brain-tingling ASMR SFX. Players win cards and coins to complete decks in a wide choice of game modes, including Classic Solitaire (Patience), Spider Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire or Elevens card game.

As we previously reported, Flick Solitaire – solitaire, re-imagined – is a card game on mobile created by London-based game developers Ian Masters and Alan Thomson, that’s built a growing following by putting the work of artists from across the globe at the heart of its appeal.

More than a mobile game, Flick Solitaire’s team decided to make art and artists from around the globe its focus. The game offers a number of unique decks, available through in-app purchase or subscription, that add richness to Flick that both players and artists love. 

In addition to commissioning deck designs – utilising both art and photography – the game’s creators also promote the artists work, on their web site and socials, Instagram and Twitter.

• Check out Flick Solitaire on the App Store | Google Play

• Submission Guidelines for Artists

Do bear in mind the Flick design team is small, and get a lot of approaches from a huge range of talent, so if you’re pitching designs, be patient waiting for a response

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