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British humour comics archivists George Shiers – creator of the sadly no longer maintained Wacky Comics blog – has just released a free non-profit guide to the short-lived 1980s humour comic Nipper,

The title, whose characters included “Brad Break”, “Double Trouble”,”Felix the Pussycat”,”Flapper”,  and “Nipper” himself, some surviving the title’s merger, featured work by the likes of Terry Bave, Gordon Bell, Steve Bright, Sid Burgon, Mick Daines, Jimmy Hansen, Anthony Hutchings, Trevor Metcalfe and Tom Paterson. It also included one adventure strip, “Kelpie’s Kingdom”.

Launched in January 1987, the title, which went through a size revamp almost as soon as it launched, ran for just 16 issues before merging with Buster in September 1987, the last title to be absorbed before Buster‘s own demise in January 1988.





George offers a pleasing history of the title in this e-title, noting the problems facing some humour comics of the same period along the way, and he’s also included a detailed index of all the characters and creators where known. (If anyone can identify the artist who drew “Kelpie’s Kingdom”, the great thing about epublishing is that George can easily update his index with the new information, for example).

If you’re a fan of British humour comics this short guide is a fun study of one of the last originated, non-licensed launches from IPC and worth checking out.


• The Nipper Index  is the first publication released under George’s ‘Novo Media’ imprint as a digital title and is completely free. If
you’re interested you can read it here:

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  1. For anyone unfamiliar with Issuu, you can download this – you need to be logged in (it’s free to register), then click the ‘SHARE’ link to reveal the ‘DOWNLOAD’ option.

  2. I think ‘Kelpie’s Kingdom’ was drawn by Brian Delaney. That’s based on a few brief mentions on forums about his work on other strips. In fact George himself references his ‘Grange Hill Juniors’ art in ‘School Fun’ on his website!

    I remember Delaney if not by name then certainly by style, from things like the Fleetway ‘Grange Hill’ annuals, ‘School Fun’, ‘TV Tops’ and possibly ‘Look-In’, and possibly even a Grandreams ‘Worzel Gummidge’ annual (or was that all John Cooper?).

    I know I have seen his work elsewhere, but can’t quite place it. I see he also did girls’ comics:

  3. I forgot to mention, I dug out my old ‘Nipper’s to check – no signatures but definitely the same artist as on the above named strips, which have been attributed to Delaney. A good mix of full colour, B&W, grey wash and single colour stuff as well, rather than all line art.

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