No fowling! You can now play Runequest – as a duck!

If you’re a fan of the role playing game Runequest, how’d you like to play it – as a duck?

Runequest-playing folk will of course, point out that you could always play the RPG as a duck – but I would be surprised if anyone has developed the Ducks of Dragon Pass in quite the level of detail as Legion Games in their companion series.

Artist Lee O’Connor has illustrated Duck Adventurers, the latest book in the DuckPac series of Runequest extensions by Drew Baker and Neil Gibson, the second of four by Legion Games, focusing on one of the most iconic races in Dragon Pass, the Ducks.

Red-Quill, former swamp bandit turned freedom fighter against the nefarious lunar empire! Art by Lee O’Connor

The series offers guides to the Durulz Tribe and Ducks of Dragon Pass, this volume providing an in-depth guide to creating your duck adventurer with a family origin in the homeland of Duck Vale, located in the southwestern corner of Sartar.

Amongst all the tribes of Sartar, the Durulz are unique, being the only tribe that can be said to be truly non-human. You may mistake a Telmori for just another backwoods hunter, but a duck is difficult to miss. However, being different has its drawbacks. But it also has its advantages…

Metaphysical ducks! Duck shaman Ordek Bluepool sends out her spirit to go and meet her mentors’ spirits in the spirit world. Art by Lee O’Connor. Also pictured: Ordek’s pet bullfrog and the sculptures of it that she’s made
Vattu Yellowflower, healer initiate of the goddess of mercy Chalana Arroy, tending to some fellow ducks. Art by Lee O’Connor

“I was thrilled endlessly that Legion Games based all of the duck characters for DuckPac on real-world duck breeds,” says Lee, whose many credits include art for Image Comics, Walker Books and more.

Also available now is the first book in the series, Myths, Legends & Lore, which provides a primer for both the gamemaster and players interested in interacting with the Durulz tribe or playing a duck adventurer.

Plus, if you’re now completely hooked, Redfeather Dreaming is a SoloQuest designed for starting duck adventurers inspired by the classic SoloQuest series by Alan LaVergne and Book 3: SoloQuest from the RuneQuest Starter Set. The fourth book, Gamemaster’s Scenarios – scenarios, encounters, and plot seeds designed for duck adventurers and their closest companions – is in preparation.

Do note that you will need access to the RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha core rule book and RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary for reference.

Remember the old warning*, though… “Ducks, ducks. You think they‘re cuddly but I think they’re sinister…” don’t trust them!

If you would like to play as Ordek Bluepool in the Runequest RPG, simply pick up the Duck-Pac PDF via Chaosium Inc.’s ‘Jonstown Compendium’ site

Lee O’Connor is online at | Facebook | Twitter

* Oh, all right, it’s not that old. It’s the opening line from “Sinister Ducks”, a song by Alan Moore, released with a cover by Kevin O’Neill in 1983 – more information here on Wyrd Britain

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