No Heroics Claire Keelan Interviewed

Quickly following up on their interview with Drew Pearce, the creator of ITV2’s new off-duty superhero comedy No Heroics (see news story), top British comics podcaster Geek Syndicate now offers an exclusive interview with actress Claire Keelan, who plays Sarah (aka Electroclash), who has the ability to control machines with her voice.

Claire’s film and tv credits include British comedy movie A Cock and Bull Story starring actor and comedian Steve Coogan and, most recently, the thriller Hush, the comedy TV film Perfect Day, the BBC drama Sorted, sitcom How Not To Live Your Life and The Bill.

Talking about the appeal of the show for her as an actor, Claire told Geek Syndicate she took the role because she felt it was unlike a lot of other things out there.

“It seemed to me to be more of a parody of our celebrity culture,” she says. “I’ve always enjoyed superhero films and was obsessed with Superman as a kid. Electrolash is a great female character to play, as she’s so healthily irreverent in a world of skewed values.”

Of her character Sarah, Claire says that on the surface she appears quite cool, “although there are ripples going on underneath, issues with her parents etc, In spite of this she manages in the main to keep it together.

“What you see is what you get with Sarah,” she reveals. “She makes no apologies for who she is. She has a healthy cynicism of the world around her, this is a trait I would say I shared although it’s never led me to ignore a man being shot because of a preoccupation for muffins and ciggies!”

Listen to the interview with Claire Keelan
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No Heroics web site (now with spoof trading cards created by Sam Gibley – Electrolash above)

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