Non, non, non! “Nemesis the Warlock: The First Heresies” sells out in 24 hours

Nemesis the Warlock: The First Heresies

Nemesis the Warlock: The First Heresies – Sold out!

Rebellion‘s brand new, limited edition Nemesis the Warlock: The First Heresies hardcover collection, written by Pat Mills with art by Kevin O’Neill, Jesus Redondo and Bryan Talbot, available only from their web shop, sold out within 24 hours of going on sale.

Developed in conjunction with 2000AD’s French publisher Delirium, only 250 English language copies of the limited edition English-language hardcover edition of the first volume of The Complete Nemesis the Warlock were on offer.

Nemesis the Warlock: The First Heresies

Larger than previous paperback editions, it also features a 16-page colour cover and Star Scan gallery, showing off O’Neill, Redondo, and Talbot’s stunning art.

After publicity on the 2000AD web site, Hollywood Reporter and Bleeding Cool, among others, fans quickly snapped up all 250 copies.

Termight, a world at the heart of a cruel galactic empire. A world devastated by nuclear warfare. Deep below ground its inhabitants try to eke out a mere existence, continually threatened by the Terminators, lead by the diabolically evil Torquemada.

Torquemada, a twisted human despot intent on purging all alien life from the galaxy and punishing the deviants. His motto: Be pure! Be vigilant! Behave! There is a resistance though, and a new kind of hero. Meet Nemesis the Warlock, champion of the coming rebellion!

With an introduction by Pat Mills with afterword by Kevin O’Neill, the volume includes the stories: “Terror Tube” (from 2000AD Prog 167), “Killer Watt” (2000AD Prog 178); Nemesis the Warlock Books 1-4,” – “The World of Termight” (2000AD Progs 238-240, 243-244),”The Alien Alliance” (2000AD Prog 246-257), “The World of Nemesis (Book 3)” (2000AD Progs 335-349) and “The Gothic Empire (Book 4)” (2000AD Prog  387-406); plus “The Sword Sinister (2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1981) and “The Secret Life of Blitzspear” (2000AD Annual 1983).

The good news is, the French edition, translated by Philippe TouboulNemesis Le Sorcier: Les Hérésies Complètes Volume 1 – is still available for just €35 – this page on the Delerium web site features links to French sellers, including, at some point, Amazon.

Nemesis Le Sorcier : Les Hérésies Complètes Vol.1

Nemesis Le Sorcier : Les Hérésies Complètes Vol.1 - Terror Tube 1

Nemesis Le Sorcier : Les Hérésies Complètes Vol.1 - Terror Tube 2

Nemesis Le Sorcier : Les Hérésies Complètes Vol.1 - Terror Tube 3

Nemesis the Warlock © Rebellion Publishing Ltd

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  1. Here I am, a daily reader of your blog & a receiver of the weekly Rebellion email, and this is the first I hear of this publication. After the event. I’m sick to death of nonsense like this.

    • I received the press release just after 5.00pm on Tuesday but didn’t see it in my inbox until late Wednesday, as ironically I spent part of my morning writing a review of Rebellion’s upcoming “Battle Stations” … by which time I was only able to write the story above

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