Official BBC Doctor Who iStickers Featuring Graeme Neil Reid Artwork

Doctor Who Sticker Pack by Graeme Neil Reid
The official BBC Doctor Who Sticker App for iMessage has just been updated with a second batch of 30 high quality original stickers of the Doctor, TARDIS, Daleks, Ood, the Master, Ice Warriors, Davros and others. As with the first batch of 30 stickers, which included Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Zygons, the Master, Missy, and K9, these all feature watercolour artwork by artist Graeme Neil Reid.

Doctor Who Sticker Pack by Graeme Neil Reid 2
Graeme, whose previous credits include 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, told downthetubes that these are “the brain child of Paul Gee from Moonbeam Ltd. He contacted me when Apple opened up developer tools to create ‘stickers’ for iOS10 iMessage and he saw the potential of making something for the Doctor Who brand. BBC Worldwide liked what we approached them with and months later we have two sticker packs ready.”

Cybermen by Graeme Neil Reid
Graeme’s Cybermen artwork (above) was used on the official Doctor Who website just before the first of the sticker packs was issued on iTunes. He said, “After years of loving Doctor Who as a fan and wishing that I could create something ‘official’ these last few months have seen me hit that goal twice. This latest project is one I hope users of iPhone and iPads take to their Whovian hearts and snap up to share. If after the release of the second pack it proves to be successful then I’m hopeful that the BBC will want more packs to be created and that it will grow into a fantastic collection for fans of Doctor Who.”

• The Doctor Who Sticker Pack 1 is available here and Sticker Pack 2 is available here. Both are currently priced at $1.99 each but if both are purchased together here the total is $2.99. They are only available for iPhone

• There are more details of Graeme Neil Reid’s artwork on his website, and his Tumblr,while his Patreon is here

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