Oh, Please, Please Let Shane Oakley draw Doomlord!

Doomlord by Shane Oakley

Doomlord by Shane Oakley

Many downthetubes readers will remember Doomlord, Servitor of Nox, who first appeared in a photo strip in the 1980s Eagle. But we’re betting you haven’t seen him recently, unless you lucky enough to pick up a copy of the recently-released Eagle Adventure Special from Hibernia Comics.

Well, we’d just like to throw this fantastic study of the merciless executioner with a soft spot for his landlady, drawn by the brilliant Shane Oakley.

If only someone could commission a new series drawn by Shane. I have a feeling it would be up there with the creepy a hocks Eric Bradbury used to deliver during his time on the strip.

Shane has worked on and off in the comics industry for over twenty years; writing and drawing for some of the big US publishers  (DC and Dark Horse), and some of the microscopic (Caliber). His work includes Albion, an attempt to revive the old IPC (now Time UK) comic characters, written by Leah Moire and John Reppion.

Over on his blog, Shane says he both hates and loves the comics biz with a passion.

Well, I just love this Doomlord – and I think you’ll love his striking work.

Let the Bring Back Doomlord campaign begin!

(Hibernia tell us another Eagle Adventure Special is in the works, for release later this year, after the stunning success of the first. Perhaps this next edition should feature a commissioned cover…)

Buy the Eagle Adventure Special #1 here on Comicsy 

Doomlord art by Shane Oakley. Doomlord copyright Dan Dare Corporation

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