Oh, Yes! It’s Psycho Gran versus…. again!

David Leach launches his latest volume of Psycho Gran versus… at Dublin Comic Con this weekend – and Volume 3 is just as bonkers as the first two books, and includes as “Guest Gallery” featuring art by Rick Parker, Roger Langridge, Nigel Parkinson and Liam Sharp.

Psycho Gran versus - Round 3 by David Leach

Psycho Gran Versus, like all other Psycho Gran titles, is published by Aylesbury comic shop impresario Ian Hine, owner of Dead Universe Comics and once again sees the matriarchal menace beating up various comic book and movie characters.

Be warned, the nature of David’s humour (and the sheer devilry of Psycho Gran) leads me to warn you that if you’re a fan of Baby Yoda or SpongeBob Squarepants, you may find this collection of cartoons, including a double-sided-pin-up, upsetting… but it is very funny, so why not risk it. Here’s just a few examples!

Back Panther, Godzilla, Thor and more get it in the neck, or more sensitive place, too from Psycho Gran, who as regular reader know, regularly also appears in David Lloyd’s digital anthology, Aces Weekly.

Psycho Gran vs Joker by David Leach

Psycho Gran vs Pinhead by David Leach

Psycho Gran vs Wolverine by David Leach

Psycho Gran vs Round Three Promo

Currently an Editor for Titan Publishing, David Leach’s career as a cartoonist, writer and editor spans over 30 years, starting as the ‘ghost artist’ of Henry’s Cat.

David Leach

David Leach

Among many others, he’s worked for IPC, Marvel UK, Marvel US, BBC Worldwide, Panini, Egmont, Tundra, and Fleetway. His work has appeared in The Sunday Times, the Daily TelegraphThe Sun and Private Eye as well as Whizzer & ChipsGasBrain DamageUTMoose KidCasper and also within the pages of 1980s cult comics, TOXIC! and OINK!, where he created Pyscho Gran and “The Dinner Ladies from Hell”.

In addition to this, David co-wrote and drew The Toxic Crusaders for Marvel.

David Leach Conquers the Universe #2In his role as editor for Titan Comics, he has worked on a variety of titles including The BlacklistAnno Dracula, Dan Dare, Hammer’s The MummyCaptain KronosLenoreFighting American, Wallace & Gromit, Adventure Time and more.

He’s also edited collections of vintage comic strips including Betty BoopMandrake The MagicianFlash GordonJane and Roy of the Rovers.

In 2014 Dead Universe Comics published the first two issues of David Leach Conquers The Universe, David’s autobiographical comic and in 2016 they published the first issue of Psycho Gran Vs in which Psycho Gran first fought various movie and comic book characters.

Outside of comics, in 2013 David co-won Channel Four’s Come Dine With Me.

Psycho Gran Vs… Round Three is published by Dead Universe Comics – found online here on Facebook and Twitter – but you can buy a copy direct from David at London Film and Comic Con (and at his other appearances in 2018 – follow him on Twitter @davidleach2000 for details)

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• Dublin Comic Con (14th – 15th March 2020): www.dublincomiccon.com

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