Original Alan Moore “Marvelman” scripts offered in Covid-19 fundraising auction for British comic shops hit by lockdown costs

Here’s something you don’t see every day – five original Marvelman scripts and one 2000ADD.R & Quinch” script, donated by artist Alan Davis for NICE Convention-organised Fundraiser in support of British comic shops facing financial hardship because of the Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown.

“Alan tells me there were three of these produced,” says auction co-ordinator Jeff Chahal of the “Marvelman” strips. “One Alan Moore kept, one was sent to Alan, and the other went to Dez Skinn.”

Rare items indeed!

All the scripts include hand written corrections and notes, a must for the Alan Moore completest. These are being auctioned on eBay, along with a bunch of signed comics and original art.

“Money raised will be used to arrange signings up and down the country once it is safe to do so,” Jeff explains of this Covid-19-inspired fundraiser. “We’ll put creators in contact with retailers and cover the cost of travel, hotel (if needed) and some stock.

“Retailers will enjoy the extra footfall with no extra costs incurred, creators keep the money from product sales. (We’ll arrange stock).”

Check out the script for “Marvelman” for Warrior #21 on eBay here

Check out the other auction items here on eBay

• If you’d like to be involved or donate something for the auction please contact us by email at enquiries@nicecon.co.uk

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