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Stephen ‘Stref’ White, creator of the upcoming graphic novel Milk is offering his fans the chance to own an original piece of signed artwork from the book. Join the Milk fan group on Facebook then follow the links there to answer the ten questions (all the answers can be found within the samples posted on the Milk group page on Facebook).

The competition is open until 1st July 2009, when all the correct entries will be put into a draw, with one lucky winner will be chosen.

Myebook - MILK - click here to open my ebookMilk is Stephen’s first published graphic novel and will soon be available from Insomnia Publications. Highly praised by comics writer Alan Grant, it’s a collection of short stories, but unlike most anthology strip titles they’re all the work of one man – ‘Stref’, each piece is masterfully executed in a completely different style.

The book will be about 100 pages long, and consists of at least 14 short stories, a gallery of artwork, and plenty of “back matter” covering Stref’s extraordinary style, the history of the project, and his creative techniques and inspirations.

Milk contains as many styles of storytelling as it does styles of artwork,” Stephen revealed in an interview for online popular culture ‘zine RKYV last year (Issue 18 – PDF version). “Some stories are simple and straight forward, while others are more cryptic and metaphorical.

“Sometimes when I work I let the pen do its own thing, almost like free association
writing. Often I am left with a picture that I myself do not understand and only after a bit of time can I look back at these pictures and figure them out. I have had something on my mind that needed out, it’s kind of like a process of cleaning out my brain!”

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