Out Now: Eagle Times Volume 29 No 3 (Autumn 2016)

The new Eagle Times, the magazine of the Eagle Society, is out now, with articles about Frank Hampson‘s art, Martin Asbury‘s film storyboard work, Jeff Arnold’s hat – an informative piece about real western headgear, according to downthetubes contributor Steve Winders –  Eagle‘s coverage of sport, two pieces by Steve about the “Island of Fire” and “Deep Sea Doctor” strips and the regular ‘In and Out of the Eagle‘ features.

There’s also a tribute to the late Roger Perry, who contributed several articles to downthetubes and was a regular contributor to Eagle Times.

Here’s the full rundown:

  • Artist of the Future‘ – an exploration of some of Frank Hampson‘s inspirations and visionary ideas that he brought to the ‘Dan Dare’ strip
  • Jeff Arnold’s Hat‘ – a comparison of the hats worn in the ‘Riders of the Range’ strip in Eagle with those of the real “Wild West”
  • Deep Sea Doctor‘ – an examination of the “real life” adventure of Wilfred Grenfell as told in strip form on the back page of Eagle in 1952, written by R.B. Saxe and drawn by Norman Williams
  • In and Out of the Eagle‘ – more episodes in the series presenting collections of Eagle-related snippets  
  • PC49 and the Case of the Stolen Half Crowns‘ – a new PC49 story, based on the characters originally created for radio by Alan Stranks
  • Martin Asbury (part 2) Storyboardman‘ – a look at the prolific work of former ‘Garth’ artist, Martin Asbury as a storyboard artist on over fifty mainstream movies
  • 1954. The Eagle is Changing‘ – on the many changes to Eagle around its fifth year of publication
  • More Eagle Miscellany’ – a collection of notes on Eagle history, largely gathered from conversations with former Eagle contributors, guests at Eagle Society Dinners
  • Shadow Artists‘ – on the various artists who took over from or stood in for the principal artists of many of the strips in Eagle 
  • Marcus Morris: The TV and Radio Star‘ – on the various radio and television appearances of Eagle’s Editor, during Eagle‘s times and later
  • The Earth Stealers’ – recollections of the ‘Dan Dare’ strip that ran in Eagle from December 1961 to March 1962
  • Island of Fire‘ – a look at Richard Jennings’ colour strip, which appeared in Eagle in 1962 (and would later be reprinted in TV21 Annual, in edited form, as ‘Volcano Island’)
  • Playing the Game’ – how Eagle covered sport in the early days
  • Roger Perry, 1938-2016‘ – an obituary of the former Hulton Press photographer and Eagle contributor (he was the model for Eagle‘s ‘Roving Reporter’), and who, following his professional retirement, contributed many articles to Eagle Times about Eagle, Hulton Press and the people who worked there

This issue’s cover picture is from from Eagle No 5 (12 May 1950). It may have been based on a photograph of a prone USAF pilot that appeared in National Geographic magazine the previous year.

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