Oz does Alien

This stunning Alien painting is on sale now from Art You Grew Up With, the work of Paul Oz, who’s also known, perhaps bizarrely, for his Mr Men paintings!

He’s also much in demand for his Formula 1 inspired art.

This stunning rendition of Science Fiction’s most terrifying creature in oils  is a beauty in black.

A 36″ x 48″ piece of signed art it’s not cheap – £3200 unframed, £4000 framed  – but it’s certainly eye catching.

Officially licensed artist to the Bruce Lee family, Denis the Menace, Ali, Mr Men and Star Trek, well known recipients of his work include Sir Alex Ferguson, Radio1’s Chris Moyles and Theo Paphitis – who he’s also working with on Comic Relief fundraising projects.

“I was alright at school if I remember correctly, being able to replicate Monet’s style reasonably, and won a prize for something as a wee sprog,” he says of how he came to be a commercial artist. “But – thankfully to be honest – I was persuaded to follow a more academic route. As it panned out, that meant that 15 years later when I started throwing paint around our initially spotless kitchen, that I could practice, learn and develop my style unpressured – to gradually build up to the point it’s become now, of being my passion, and livelihood all in one.

“I’m not a textbook artist, you don’t have to understand my artwork; my entire focus is to create visual impact – with the impression of explosive energy, movement and expression, and to illicit a response a pointed finger and something along the lines of and ‘woooohhhhaaa!’.”

Regarding his actual artwork he reveals every piece is “around 2cm thick oil paint in places (yes, I get through a fair amount of the stuff) and pretty large scale, usually on board for a completely flat background so that the texture of the subject really comes out at you – several other techniques combine for the maximum 3D effect possible.

“I’m fascinated with how perceptions change with distance – the biggest unintentional compliment I’ve had was that my work looks like porridge close up!

“I was once told by a gallery to paint tall narrow pieces that anyone could find space for in a corner. That’s why I now paint even bigger…! “

Check out more of Paul Oz art for sale on ArtYouGrewUpWith

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