Pat Mills and Oliviér Ledroit’s “Requiem Vampire Knight” tops sales charts in France

Requiem Vampire Knight

Requiem: Resurrection by Pat Mills and Oliviér Ledroit is sitting in the Number One sales spot in the fantasy graphic novel chart on Amazon France – an amazing accomplishment, considering it was re-published over three years ago, and it’s apparently thanks to some inventive cross media support ALT 236 on YouTube.

Describing himself as an explorer of fictional worlds, seeking an entry into the labyrinth of the imaginary, ALT 236 has created a number of videos focusing on the work of different creators. His “Mythologics” series recently spotlit the Requiem Vampire Knight saga.

Mythologics by ALT 236  #6 - Requiem by Pat Mills and Olivier Ledroit

The video is rapidly approaching some 100,000 views on Youtube and Pat is confident it’s helped boost Requiem sales on Amazon France.

Requiem Vampire Knight is the story of Heinrich Augsberg, a German officer, dying on the Eastern Front in 1944. A good soldier. An honourable man. Your last thoughts are of your true love, Rebecca… and then you awake in hell. Now,  he’s a Vampire Knight – a member of the ruling class on the twisted world of Resurrection. A ruling class whose members did terrible, unspeakable things when they were alive, and who revel in their pursuit of power, pleasure, and corruption in death… Surely some mistake?

Join Heinrich, renamed Requiem, as he begins a violent, sexy and savagely humorous journey towards discovering his dark past and much, much darker future…

Requiem Vampire Knight Volume One - French Edition

Published in print in French by Glenat, volumes One to 11 of Requiem Vampire Knight in English are available digitally from Amazon and Comixology – and unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, these are the only current English language editions.

(The Panini editions published in English back in 2009 are on sale for insane amounts of money).

A twelfth volume of Requiem is still in the works, again with art by Olivier Ledroit, who Pat feels has to be among the top 10 living French fantasy artists, but there is, as yet no publication date.

“Not a bad result for a series that was originally rejected by 2000AD!”, says Pat, who’s currently busy putting together Spacewarp, a new, one-shot, anthology sci-fi comic for readers of all ages that he’s currently seeking creators to work on for some of the strips.

For 2000AD fans, Torquemada (a character utilised by Pat for “Nemesis the Warlock”) makes a reappearance in Requiem, as a crazed werewolf.

Yes, he’s still a religious maniac. I’m surprised you had to ask.

• Check out the Millsverse projects at | Find out more about Sapewarp at

• ALT 236 is on Youtube here and you can follow him on Twitter @whatisalt236 | For those who would like to support his work, he also has a Tipeee page here

For For the full story behind the creation of Requiem, check out Pat’s book Be Pure! history of 2000AD and Judge Dredd

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