Pat Mills heads to Prague to talk 2000AD’s “Defoe”, his comics career and more

2000AD creator Pat Mills is looking forward to going to Prague this week, for an-all day comic event at Prague City Library on Friday 28th September – and the event will hopefully be live streamed.

He’ll be chatting about his career, 2000AD, and – most important of all – the return of 17th century zombie-hunter Defoe, drawn by Scottish artist and actor Stewart Moore, whose credits also include Aces Weekly.

It’s possible some of this event will be live streamed – keep an eye on the Millsverse Facebook page for updates.

“Stewart happens to live in Prague, so he’s also going to show me around the city, which has some great possibilities for a future Defoe story,” says Pat. “The legend of the Golem, for example, originated in Prague and the magician John Dee made contact with ‘angels’ in Bohemia. Like the ‘angels’ in Defoe, these entities offered to help Dee solve the mysteries of the heavens.

“Stewart is the most exciting comic artist I’ve found since the brilliant Fay Dalton,” Pat enthuses. “Unlike Fay, I’ve actually managed to get him into 2000AD.

Stewart Moore's successful try-out sample pages on "Defoe" for 2000AD. "You can see why I’m excited!" says Pat Mills. "The zombies have an EC Comics horror quality that I’ve never quite seen in 2000AD before."

2000AD - Defoe - Sample Pages by Stewart Moore

Stewart Moore’s successful try-out sample pages on “Defoe” for 2000AD. “You can see why I’m excited!” says Pat Mills. “The zombies have an EC Comics horror quality that I’ve never quite seen in 2000AD before.”

“Our current Defoe story is due to appear in 2000AD next Spring,” he reveals. “It’s based on real-life plans by British scientists to send an expedition to the Moon in the 17th century!

“Stewart is fascinated by the Renaissance and astronomy, so his spaceship design is sublime. I shouldn’t say much more about it just now, other than I think this Defoe will be the ultimate clock punk saga and, needless to say, our hero will be battling zombies in space!”

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