Pat Mills Spacewarp print edition arrives

The print edition of SPACEWARP, the brainchild of Pat Mills, creator of 2000AD, is due for release soon.

For those who came in late, SPACEWARP is a British Science Fiction comic featuring new hero comic strips for the science fiction world we live in today.

Spacewarp - Cover

Available to pre-order now, SPACEWARP features Special Forces One at war with Giant Viruses; Jurassic Punks versus Dinosaurs; Xecutioners, authorised to terminate Aliens; Slayer – one Robot in a Galactic war against a million Space Knights; Hellbreaker, who escapes from Hell to punish the Living; and Fu-tant – a terrifying school for Mutants!

All interacting in a unique Spacewarp Universe, SPACEWARP offers an Inventive, action-packed, heartfelt, heroic, humorous, fast-paced comic that’s fantastic value for money – as only the Brits know how. And it’s aimed firmly at ordinary readers of all ages and is complete in Phase One, so you don’t wait for the next issue to find out what happens.

• Ready now for you to upload to your brain, offering a free bonus story Future Schlock: BRANDED! and EXTRAS on, you can order the standard edition (£9.99), a signed bookplate edition (£11.49) or a signed and personalised bookplate edition (£12.99) from GetMyComics | Shipping is end of October / early November

Read Peter Duncan’s review of SPACEWARP here

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