Paul Rainey signing announced at Gosh! Comics next month, celebrating the launch of his new graphic novel

Paul B. Rainey - Why Don't You Love Me Signing 1 - 2 pm Saturday 4th February 2023 Gosh Comics London

Award-winning comic creator Paul B. Rainey will be signing his brand-new graphic novel, Why Don’t You Love Me, which is being published by Drawn and Quarterly at Gosh! Comics, London, next month.

Paul’s been a fixture of the UK self-publishing scene for decades, notably with his serialised science fiction story There’s No Time Like the Present (eventually collected by Escape Books). His grip on narrative and character, while fusing the fantastic with the everyday distinguishes him from so much self-published work that is produced.

His dark, sci-fi tinged comedy drama, originally serialised in the digital anthology, Aces Weekly, has been collected by Drawn & Quarterly, giving him one heck of a boost among US comic fans.

Aces Weekly 37 - Why Don't You Love Me by Paul Rainey
Why Don’t You Love Me? by Paul Rainey

In Why Don’t You Love Me, Claire and Mark are in the doldrums of an unhappy marriage. She doesn’t get out of her bathrobe and chain-smokes while slumped on the couch. Mark has lost track of the days and can’t get the kids to school on time. They’ve lost interest in family and order-in pizza and chinese food every night. Mark sleeps on the couch and has trouble remembering his son’s name. He feels like a fraud at work but somehow succeeds. Claire stalks an ex-boyfriend. How could he have left her to this life?

Why Don't You Love Me? by Paul Rainey

Claire and Mark are both plagued by the idea that this is all a dream. Didn’t they have different lives? When reports of an imminent nuclear war come on the radio, the truth begins to dawn on them: this is not the life they chose.

Why Don’t You Love Me? is a pitch-black comedy about marriage, alcoholism, depression, and mourning lost opportunities. Paul B. Rainey has created a hilariously terrifying alternate reality where confusion and pain might lead people to make bad choices but also eventually freedom…maybe..

• Paul B. Rainey – Why Don’t You Love Me signing 1.00 – 2.00pm, Saturday 4th February, Gosh, 1 Berwick Street, London W1F 0DR | Full details here

• In related news, Leeds-based store OK Comics is offering an exclusive signed bookplate edition of Paul’s graphic novel. You can order it now from here

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