#PicturesMeanBusiness: UK campaign to gain Illustrators credit for their work grows

PicturesMeanBuisness Campaign Image

Art © Sarah McIntyre


A number of British artists are actively campaigning for better credit (and, by default, better financial reward) for their work as illustrators, including comic creator Sarah McIntyre and  writer-illustrator James Mayhew.

Recognition for illustrators is important on so many levels – not just when you mention a book on social media or in a blog post or press item, alongside a book’s writer, but because without an actual credit in a book (hopefully on the cover), that illustrator isn’t able to claim for things like their Public Lending Right share or other revenues that come with that recognition.

Sarah has detailed all the whats, whys and wherefores in these posts here and here on her LiveJournal, the latter announcing the latest perhaps small but important part of the campaign – deciding on  a social media #hash tag for this campaign to get illustrators credited for their work.

“We batted around ideas until I suggested #PicturesMeanBusiness, “Sarah notes after online discussion with James Mayhew, “which we both thought seemed to fit in both senses of the phrase: professional illustrators ARE business people, and we’re standing up to be recognised as people who bring money into the economy with what we do.”

Sarah initially came up with a pencil-inspired logo for the campaign but suggests those keen on promoting it might be better served by incorporating the #PicturesMeanBusiness hash tag into an image of their own, like she’s done with her Pegasus character (above).

If you want to support the campaign, this isn’t just something that needs to be done by editors and publishers. We should all use the hash tag.

“If everyone adds #PicturesMeanBusiness to their tweets, it will keep the conversation all in one place, instead of slipping down the Twitter stream,” Sarah notes, “Hash tags can also be used on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve seen the power of the hash tag in the #JeSuisCharlie movement.”

Find out how you can support #PicturesMeanBesiness campaign here on Sarah’s LiveJournal

Web Links

• digging deep: the real reason illustrators keep getting overlooked

In which Sarah explains how she was exchanging e-mails with journalist Charlotte Eyre at The Bookseller magazine, and was pleased when this article came out, quoting Axel Scheffler, Ted Dewan, An Vrombaut, Simon James and Sarah about how illustrators are disgruntled about being left out of so many mentions of their books.

•  pictures mean business: some challenges

Latest developments on the campaign, and some of the problems to be addressed

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