Planet Jimbot’s Wolf Country returns

Sandwiched between writer Jim Alexander’s “Calhab Justice” (featuring in the Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection Issue 47, out now) and Savant (an alien goes walkabout around the Universe accumulating the memories of the dead with art by Will Pickering, debuting in March 2017 and scheduled for Dark Horse Presents #32-37) is award-nominated Wolf Country #6.

Wolf Country pits vampires against werewolves in a Wild West setting, which might sound a bit like post-Trump United States, but it’s much more fun than that. 

Opening pages from Wolf Country #6

The story so far: an unlikely truce between the wolf and vampire Settlement has been brokered by the vampire known as Luke. However, this fledgling truce is at risk now that Luke’s whereabouts are known to vampire soldiers. Meanwhile, Halfpenny’s mission in Free State has taken a strange and sinister turn.

Shortlisted for the True Believers award for Best UK Comic, written by Jim Alexander, Wolf Country #6 is drawn by Will Pickering, with Jim Campbell on lettering and Luke Cooper on cover duties.

• <i>Wolf Country #6 debuts at the end of November and is available to order now (as well as the TPB and #5) at the Planet Jimbot shop on Etsy

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