Planet Replicas launch Dredd costumes – ideal for vigilantes?

Prepare to dispense justice like Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson – officially licensed Judge replica costumes from Planet Replicas are coming.

(We can just see these being snapped up by those ‘real life superheroes’ the media loves reporting on at the moment).

Faithfully reproduced from 2000 AD’s most famous lawman of the future, the costumes complete with the distinctive helmet, name badge, pads (shoulder, knee and elbow) utility belt, Lawgiver (sadly, not operational) and gloves.

All other items can also be sourced through Planet Replicas. Personal customisation will be available, as well as other options.

With the choice of male and female Judge costumes, outfits for the whole family are a possibility – ideal if you are setting up your own Mega-City One Sector House.

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