Plaything Of Sutekh Issue 4 Released

Plaything Of Sutekh 4
Our friends over at Andersonic, when they aren’t producing that excellent and long running Gerry Anderson fanzine, from time to time change channels from ITV to BBC1 and produce a Doctor Who zine along the same lines called Plaything Of Sutekh.

Named for the excellent Tom Baker story Pyramids Of Mars and featuring both old and new Who, Plaything of Sutekh is a 36 page, A5 fanzine which is fully illustrated with colour covers. Issue 4 has just been released and features articles on:

Pacifism in Doctor Who – a look at how The Daleks and The Dominators gave turning the other cheek the thumbs down.

The Ark vs The Ark in Space – David Rolinson looks at the similarities between these two stories.

RTD and Religion – Sean Alexander examines a key aspect of the series under Russell T Davies’ tenure.

E-Space – Jez Strickley spies a dystopian slant in this Season 18 trilogy.

Secret Who – we look at two underrated stories The Claws of Axos and The Time Monster

Changing Times – a look back at Peter Capaldi’s first season.

Doc Top Ten – one writer looks at his favourite Who comic strips.

Gateway Drug – Stephen Wood confesses how it all started with him and Who.

Plaything of Sutekh is a non-profit publication and there are more details of it on the Plaything Of Sutekh blog.

The cost of Issue 4 is £2.20 including UK postage and can be ordered by sending a Paypal payment to with your address in the ‘notes’ section. Issue 3 is also still available.

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