Pre-orders open for Anderson Entertainment’s “Space: 1999 Comic Anthology”

Space: 1999 Comic Anthology (Anderson Entertainment, 2023)

A collection of “Space 1999” strips from legendary British weekly comic Look-In is on its way from Anderson Entertainment, with pre-orders open now.

Collected for the first time since publication, this 320-page anthology contains all the British Look-in strips, stories and features – to the delight of fans of the strip, whose artists included John M. Burns and the late Mike Noble.

It also includes a wealth of background articles and interviews putting the Space:1999 material in context, as well as providing insights on the foreign reprints and its American counterpart magazines and comics.

Also included are overviews of other related Anderson material from the pages of Look-in: “The Worlds of Gerry Anderson”, “Starcruiser” and “Terrahawks”.

Space: 1999 Comic Anthology (Anderson Entertainment, 2023) - Sample Art
Art by John M. Burns

Look-In was a weekly children’s comic, with the strapline “The Junior TVTimes” (TV Times then one of just two TV listings magazines sold in newsagents). The comic was launched in 1971, ending its long run in 1994, initially edited by Alan Fennell (who wrote episodes for several Gerry Anderson television series, and had edited the 1960s Anderson comic TV Century 21, later, TV21). Colin Shelborn took over as editor in 1975.

The twelve “Space:1999” strips published in Look-In between 1975 and 1977 are credited to Angus P. Allan as writer, and two artists worked on the weekly strip – John M Burns and Mike Noble. (Leslie Branton provided the art on one strip, for the 1978 Look-In Annual). The Space:1999 covers were painted by Arnaldo Putzu.

Pre-order Anderson Entertainment’s Space: 1999 Comic Anthology here | Shipping late October

Supervising editor/features writer: Shaqui Le Vesconte | Editors: Andrew Clements and Chris Dale | Design/technical artwork: Stephen Cary | Cover design: James King | Format: Hardcover (printed), 304 x 228 mm portrait | Pagination: 320 pages

For a limited time and while stocks last place those placing a pre-order place now now will receive a Space: 1999 Jigsaw Puzzle for free when your pre-order is dispatched

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