Preview – The Kill Screen Issue 3: Here We Have

The Kill Screen Issue 3 - Cover

Written by Mike Garley
Art by Josh Sherwell
Lettered by Mike Stock

The Story: “Here We Have”starts in flashback, to the surfacing of the techno disease introduced in previous issues and the attempts by the military to quell its course. A strange infected being rises before the story heads forward again to the present. We see the survivors scavenging to survive but doing so with a dark humour.  In hiding, they are attacked by a small force of diseased – and when the battle begins the story begins to take a different and interesting turn….

“It is too late for you. You are on the way to destruction.”

The Preview: In the third full issue of this series, Mike Garley and Josh Sherwell once again play with both format and conceptions. This is by far the best issue of Kill Screen so far and it is given extra bite by juxtaposing humour and personal/interpersonal moments with sudden violence. It plays with the visual narrative by including technical moments of visual flair that look like computer and physical plans.

The colour artwork by Josh has a real flow and quality to it that has grown into this fully formed and individualised style. It looks great and reads at an intriguingly measured pace. We see an extension of the themes of infection through technology and destruction through mob rule and stupidity that is spread through social media.  A zombie book without the cliché and treating the reader like an intelligent adult.

• You can grab a copy and find more about the series at and find Mike on Twitter @mikegarley or follow the fun of the techno zombie apocalypse at

• Josh Sherwell can be found at or on Twitter @joshuasherwell

• Mike Stock can be found at or on Twitter @sheriistocky

• There’s more background on The Kill Screen here on Mike Garley’s official web site

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The Kill Screen #3: Sample Page 1


The Kill Screen #3: Sample Page 2


The Kill Screen #3: Sample Page 3

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