Psycho Gran is back, putting the old skool into vigilante justice!

Psycho Gran #2 - Cover

Titan Comics have just released the second issue of David Leach‘s hilarious comic, Psycho Gran, on digital platforms. (For some reason, they don’t yet want to get physical with her – I can’t think why!)

Psycho Gran #2 features the continuing mis-adventures of Psycho Gran (or Psycho Besta, as she’s known in Norway) – the 5ft high, mauve-haired, bespectacled, psychotic granny with a pan-dimensional, sentient handbag called Percy, a flying dog called Archie and a pathological hatred of rudeness.

Join her as she does battle with pavement-riding cyclists, cloned burglars, noisy train passengers, scout leaders, impatient motorists and the dreaded Sunday morning doorstep god botherers. Oh, and a spot of graffiti. All that.

Overall, all you need to know is – it’s totally bonkers, very funny (especially if you’re into seeing really annoying people have the c*** beaten out of them), the art’s fantastic and if you don’t buy it, then even though the most up to date technology Psycho Gran seems to have ever owned is a Betamax video recorder, don’t be in any doubt she’ll find out where you live if you decide to not indulge. She’s that dangerous. (Or creator David Leach will be dispatched. Trust me – he’ll be relentless, too!)

Here’s some sample pages to savour…

Psycho Gran #2 - Sample 1 Psycho Gran #2 - Sample 2 Psycho Gran #2 - Sample 3

First published in the cult British kid’s comic Oink! back in 1986, Psycho Gran, most recently seen in the digital comic Aces Weekly, is the psychotically demented brain-child of cartoonist and comic book editor, David Leach – known the world over as the winner of Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me, but comic fans will know him better as a cartoonist, writer and editor spans over 30-years, including time at Marvel UK.

His work has appeared in The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Sun and Private Eye as well as Whizzer and Chips, Gas, Brain Damage, UT, Moose Kid Comics and 1980’s cult comics Toxic! (he co-created the brilliant The Driver) and Oink!.

He is personally responsible for the only Comic Code Authority stamped US comic to feature a man sat on a toilet having a poo.

As an editor his past credits include the Wallace and Gromit newspaper strip, the originated UK Adventure Time comic strips, the Hammer Films-inspired, recently launched The Mummy and Roman Dirge’s Lenore.

“While old comedy comic characters wither in the creaking care home of bad stewardship, David Leach’s old but un-withered, bad, batty, toothless, ruthless, fearless, frightening, horrible, hilarious, Psycho Gran marches on in her surgical stockings, getting stronger by the day,” enthuses David Lloyd, artist and co-creator of V For Vendetta and publisher of Aces Weekly. “Bless him!”

You can buy Psycho Gran goodness online here on Amazon. I don’t know why there isn’t a petition for a physical comic, but I bet it can’t be long

Psycho Gran Vs... - Cover• Don’t forget Psycho Gran Vs…, either, which is available in print: a collection of extremely violent pictures of a little old lady beating up various comic book and movie characters. Plus, there’s a nifty guest art section with contributions from the likes of Mike Perkins, Mike Collins, Lew Stringer, David Hitchcock, Davey Jones, Davy Francis and Rian Hughes.

It’s available from Dead Universe Comics (Bourbon Street, Friars Square Shopping Centre, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

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