Raising Amy Signing Event In Edinburgh

“She’s armed, she’s dangerous, and she’s a proper Scottish ginger nutcase! Just be thankful she’s not yours!” is how Markosia describe Stref’s child character Amy who is about to appear in her first book Raising Amy: Born To Be Wild!

To help promote the release of the book by Markosia in December 2011, Stref (or Stephen White to his friends) will be signing and sketching at the book’s launch in the Blackwell’s book shop on Edinburgh’s South Bridge, just up from the Forbidden Planet International shop, on Tuesday 6 December 2011 beginning at 6pm and running for 1.5 hours.

Having previously worked on the Dandy and Beano, in Amy Stref has created a Minnie The Minx for the 21st century in a three panel format. The new book has 250 Raising Amy strips in its 100 pages featuring Amy, her long suffering Mum and Dad plus her babysitter Flower and her suitor/stalker (Love Sick) Dick. With Amy holding a chainsaw and the head of a decapitated teddy bear on the front cover this is definitely a book for the older readers of humour comics.
There are more details of Raising Amy: Born To Be Wild! on the Markosia website.

There are more details of the book launch on the events’s Facebook page.

There are more details of the shop and its location on the Blackwell’s Edinburgh South Bridge shop’s website.

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