Ready (For Sarah Jane And The Doctor)? Always!

The Wedding Of Sarah Jane SmithThe BBC has just five new episodes featuring David Tennant as the Doctor still to broadcast before he hands over to Matt Smith. The two part Doctor Who regeneration story is odds on to get some of the highest viewing figures for any television programme over the 2009 Christmas period, The Waters Of Mars which is due to be broadcast at some point in November, and his guest appearance the two part Sarah Jane Adventures which are being broadcast this week.

Entitled The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith, the story ironically enough takes place immediately after actress Elisabeth Sladen’s real life husband, Brian Miller, appeared in the story, The Mad Woman In The Attic, as Harry the caretaker.

Having been trailed within the story of last week’s SJA with Sarah’s visions of the TARDIS, the Doctor will be appearing along with K-9 who has been freed from his SJA story constraint of saving the Earth from a black hole (don’t ask, it didn’t make much sense in the pilot either). The first half of the two parter will be broadcast on Thursday 29 October at 1635 on BBC1 with the second part on the next day at the same time. The full story will be repeated at the more adult friendly time of 1155 on Saturday 31 October on CBBC.

For those viewers who enjoy the Doctor Who and Torchwood comic strips and mourn the fact that there is no Sarah Jane comic strip in print, the BBC’s Sarah Jane Adventures website now has a SJA webcomic available to read.

Details of The Sarah-Jane Adventures are available on the BBC’s SJA website.

The Sarah Jane Adventures webcomic is available here.

Details of Doctor Who: The Waters Of Mars are available on the BBC’s Doctor Who website. strong>

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