Rennie’s New Prescription

Judge Dredd and console game writer Gordon Rennie divulges trade secrets in his new column about writing computer game scripts.

Rennie, a former music journalist turned comics writer whose credits include strips for 2000AD such as Necronauts, Caballistics, Inc and Judge Dredd, and Warhammer novels, has been working more in the computer games industry of later, with comics writing becoming a sideline.

The BAFTA-nominated games writer has always maintained links with comics fans, and the blog offers some useful insights into the business from an insider’s viewpoint, although it might not encourage some into the business when he reveals that although he writes comics for a living “unless you’re a character in a Kevin Smith movie, it’s definitely not ever going to get you laid.”

One reader has already responded with surprise, apparently under the impression comic creators were part of Britain’s cultural elite these days. Poor, misguided, fool…

Categories: 2000AD, British Comics


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