Revealed: The planned strip line up for The77 #3!

The77 # 3 Variant Cover by Paul Williams - Final Cover
The77 # 3 Variant Cover by Paul Williams – Final Cover

The77 #2 is now on general release, available now from GetMyComics. But, not ones to stand on ceremony, the team behind the ace new UK-based comic anthology are already ramping up to launch their Kickstarter to fund #3!

Don’t be late to back it when it does launch this Friday, either – as the previous Kickstarters were funded within hours and many of the rewards were snapped up in minutes.

Follow the Kickstarter, which ends 6th September 2020, by using this link to receive a notification. Strips lined up include work from 2000AD strip creators and some ace independents, including Conor Boyle, Phil Elliott, Bambos Georgiou, Kek-W, Ben Macleod, Sarah ‘Milmo’ Millman, Michael Powell, Neil Sims, Lew Stringer, David Thomas, Paul Williams and Dan Whitehead.

And the good news is, the release schedule is being ramped up, too, thanks to the title’s huge support from comics fans, #4 will be released mid October.

The77 - Retro 77 Logo

The77 #3 Contents

• Cover by Ade Hughes and variant by Paul Williams

• “V Part 3: The Meat Up” created by Steve Bull and Ade Hughes (SpaceWarp)

• “The Screaming Hand” The third instalment by Kek-W (2000AD: Deadworld, Fall of Deadworld) and Conor Boyle (Hook Jaw)

• “The Cell” Part 2/4: The crime for punishment’ by Bambos Georgiou (The Real Ghostbusters, Aces Weekly) and Andrew Sawyers

SGT Shouty of the Moon Force! In space, everyone can hear him shout! Created by Lew Stringer (BEANO, Combat Colin, Brickman, Oink!)

Skate Worm continues in “The Frack off!” by Conan. Art by Morgan Gleave

• “Division ’77” part 3 – Created by Dave Heeley and Sinclair Elliott

• “Matilda Atkins and the Amulet Of Destiny” (Complete Story) – created by Michael Powell (The Last Man, The77 #1) and Sarah ‘Milmo’ Millman (“Speed Demons” for Rebellion’s Tammy & Jinty)

• “Gut Crawlers” – Part 2 (Concludes): Essential workers doing the Galaxy’s dirtiest job. Created by Dan Whitehead and Paul Williams. Illustrated by Filippo Roncone

• “Penny Pentagram” – Part 3: London’s grooviest Paranormal detective by David Thomas (WP Comics, Night Hunters, Ava Tara) and Jon Roydon (The Lost Graveyard)

• “Trackless Depths” – Part 1/3: Strange things are stirring in the water around a Victorian Clipper. Created by Dave Bedford (Trompe la Mort ) and Ben Macleod (2000AD)

• “GRID” (Preview) A killer for hire just wants a quiet drink Created by Dave Heeley and Neil Sims

• “Forgotten Reality” (one off) Created by Anna Everts and Phil Elliott

• Follow the Kickstarter, which starts this Friday, 21st August and ends 6th September 2020, by using this link to receive a notification. #4 will be released mid October

The77 – The Summer Special is available to order here from GetMyComics

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