Rich Johnston scripts Doctor Who one-shot from IDW

(with thanks to Matthew Badham): A new Doctor Who one shot from US publisher IDW, Room With A Deja View, is in the pipeline, written by British comics columnist Rich Johnston and drawn by Rex Mundi artist EricJ, with a cover by Grimjack artist Tom Mandrake.

It’s described as “an internally complex time travel story, a good third of which happens backwards,” by Johnston, “set on a patchwork space station filled with multiple races all hiding from the rest of the galaxy.

“This was a story I’ve had knocking around my head for far too long (most British writers, hell, most British people have at least one Doctor Who story inside them),” he reveals, “and I was stunned that it breezed through the IDW and BBC approval processes as easily as it did.

“I was offered the gig a month ago, on the day I was made redundant. No wonder I went a bit doolally.”

Doctor Who: A Room With A Deja View is published by IDW this July, alongside the first issue of the ongoing series. Read more about the project on Lying in the Gutters

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